Opportunities for Foreign Students to Work in China 2014/10/29

The Ministry of Education was delegated to establish a framework for foreign students to obtain work authorization by law. ( EEAL, art. 42.) The framework will also cover rules related to on-campus employment.

The new rules provide that a person with a residence certificate for study who want to take part time job off campus should obtain firstly approval from the school. Then he or she should apply to the PSB Exit-Entry Administration for a notation to the certificate, and tell the part-time job or the location and period of internship off campus. (State Council regs, art. 22). 

SICAS reminders: What should be noticed is that short-term students with X2 visas do not have such opportunities.Also it is illegal for foreign students to work without authorization or beyond the scope authorized. (EEAL, art. 43(3).)

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