Registration 2012/05/21

Enrolling time and Time Arrangements for Class
One week before the beginning of school term, see “Notice of Enrollment” for details .Be sure to let us know your arrival time (by fax or mail) so that we pick you up at the airport on time. Be sure to have passport, JW202 form, “Foreigner Health Examination Record”, “notice of enrollment “, tuition, lodging fees and other fees with you (RMB)

Time for class:
Monday - Friday
The first two lessons, 8:20--9:50 The second two lessons: 10:10--11:40
The third two lessons:13:30--15:10
Time for the students for the advanced studies is 20 hours per week and graduates 20-28 hours per week

Curriculum Arrangement
1. Students for advanced Studies
Basic level: Chinese language, Listening, Oral Chinese
Medium level: Chinese language, Listening and speaking, Chinese periodical, Composition
Advanced level: Chinese language, Oral Chinese, Chinese periodical, Listening, Composition
Optional Course: Martial Arts, Calligraphy, Chinese Culture, Chinese Economics and Trade
2. Graduates
Required Courses: Chinese Intensive Reading, Chinese Conversation, Chinese Listening, Oral English, Chinese audio and video comprehension course, Chinese writing, Reading of Chinese News, Chinese Culture, Outline of Chinese Linguistics, Chinese Grammar, Chinese vocabularies, Chinese Pronunciation and Characters, Ancient Chinese Language, Operation of computer, etc.
Optional Courses: Chinese Folk Culture, Selected Readings of Chinese Famous Works, History of Northeast China, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Music, Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese Cuisines, Guidance and Assistance of HSK.

Two room choices:
 Double room (including: refrigerator, TV, air-conditioner, telephone, and desk, closet, table lamp, toilet room), 900 RMB per person per month.
 Single room (including: air-conditioner, TV, telephone table, toilet room, refrigerator, desk lamp. writing desk, closet) 1800 RMB per person per month.
Public facilities include: kitchen, washing machine, hot water heater, commercial center, cafeteria, dining hall, internet, computer room, cable television, reading room, audio and visual room, sound room, activity room, etc.

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