Introduction to Jining Medical College 2011/10/28

Jining Medical University, operated by the Shandong Province government, was founded in 1952. There are two campus in our university, namely, Jining and Rizhao campus. The total area of the two campuses is 7, 980, 67.8 square meters, including 15, 654,4.62 square meters of teaching and administrative building and 95, 462 square meters of student dormitory. The total property of the university is 644 million yuan RMB. The value of the teaching apparatus and equipment is 74 million yuan RMB. The school library has a large collection of over 1 million 500 thousand books. The university has 10 affiliated hospitals and 112 teaching bases. The newly finished Beihu now campus is 219, 288 square meters which could hold 9000 full-time students. In 2008 it achieved great successes in the evaluation of undergraduate teaching working level made by Ministry of Education of China.

There are 905 staff in our university, including 598 full-time teachers — more than 220 professors and associate professors, and among them there are 330 more teachers with PhD and M.S. Degree. The university recruits students from 22 provinces of China. It has 13500 undergraduate and junior full-time students, more than 20 graduate students. It has planned to recruit the foreign students from the USA, Japan, Nepal, Pakistan, etc..  

The university has 15 schools and departments: School of Clinical Medicine, School of Basic Medicine, School of Public Health, School of Mental Health, School of Nursing, School of Information Engineering, School of Pharmacy, School of Management, Stomatology Department, Medical Imageology Department, Biological Science Department, Social Science Department, Foreign Language Teaching Department and School of Continuing Education. The university has more than 20 specialties: Clinical Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Psychiatry and Mental Health, Nursing, Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Stomatology, Clinical Medicine of Traditional and Western Medicine, Medical Testing, Medical Radiology, Recovery Treatment, Applied Psychology, Biotechnology, Computer Science and Technology, Information Management and Information System, Common Administration Management, Marketing, Human Resources Management,  Labor and Social Security and English.

The university has the University-Enterprise Joint Program in Software Outsourcing with Donghe Information of Qindao to train computer science and technology students.

The university also has the International Training Program of Nursing to enroll three-year students with the University of Memphis in the USA after the authority of Shandong Provincial Education Department.

The Preventive Medicine of my university is a national-level key specialty, and it is also the province-level key specialty with psychological medicine, the specialty of Clinical Medicine is the province-level reform of the teaching. Pathology and Pathphysiology, Neurology, Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis and treatment, Internal Neurology are key specialties of Shandong province. Now it has some province-level key laboratories (Behavioral Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis and treatment, Professional Health and Environment Medicine, etc.). It owns 28 institutes: including Behavioral Medicine Education Institute, Cardiovascular Disease Center, neurobiology institute, etc..

During the recent years, the university has got 430 more new science research projects of all types. There are more than 3700 academic articles have been published and over 1000 of them are cited by SCI, EI and CA. The Behavior Medicine Branch of Chinese Medicine Committee and Shandong Behavior Medicine Committee are linked up with the university. The directors of the committees are held by the professors from the university. The university hosts the core periodical of China —— Chinese Journal of Behavioral Medical Science and Brain Science and Journal of Jining Medical College —— they are published domestic and abroad.

The university attaches great importance on international cooperation and exchange, it has established the relationship in technological cooperation and academic exchange of over 10 colleges and universities around the world, such as Massachusetts College of Pharmacy of the USA, Southbank Institute of Australia, Karolinska Institute of Sweden, TZU CHI University of Taiwan, etc.. It also sends some qualified students with Bachelor or Master’s Degree to study abroad regularly.      

In recent years, the rate of employment rate is over 92% of undergraduate and three-year students, the rate of entrance exams for postgraduate is higher which is in the front rank among the same level Universities.

The university is awarded several honors during the recent years, such as “Provincial Civilized Unit”, “Provincial Civilized Campus”, etc..

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