Fees 2012/05/15

Application Fee

RMB 400 application fee for Language Program;
RMB 600 for Undergraduate Programs;
RMB 800 for Master's and Doctoral Degree Programs.

Course Fees (in RMB)

Course books fees

Based on the actual price of the course books needed

Tuition fee

Three-week program


Four-week program


Six-week program


One-semester program


One-year program


Two-year program


Bachelor's degree program


Master's degree program


Doctoral-degree program



All International Students must be medically insured throughout their entire planned period of study. The health plan purchased by the students must at least provide medical coverage for accidental injuries and hospitalization. Recipients of the Chinese Government Scholarship or Confucius Institute Scholarship will have their health plan prepared/purchased by the government; other students must purchase insurance on their own.


Students may purchase their health plan before or after their arrival in China. All students who purchased their insurance from a foreign insurance company are required to submit a copy of their health plan and a Medical Insurance Certificate Form to the Office of International Students on the day of registration. Students must inquire and know from their insurance company the details regarding the insurance claim procedures and the emergency phone number. Please note that the Medical Insurance Certificate must be written in either English or Chinese language.


Students who are not medically insured and/ or failed to provide the university with the required supporting insurance documents are not allowed to register.

We offer students convenient purchase of special international student insurance when registering.




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