Why Study in KMUST 2012/01/16

This is a public university with the history of an independent institution of higher learning since september 1954. through the efforts made by many generations of kust people in half a century, kust has developed from a technical institution focus only on technological subjects in mineral industry related areas at the beginning stage into currently the largest multi-disciplinary university in yunnan province covering engineering, science, arts, management, economics, law and education. more than 100,000 alumni graduated from kust in the past half-century, many of them made their glorious paths in their careers by their remarkable contributions to the society, especially in the fields of many industries, as well as in administration, business, and others. they have been and will keep to be the treasure and proudness of this institution.

Rooted in the local soil of regional resources and demands, the goal of kust is oriented to contributing to the regional development as the incumbent mission, while to the national and world development as well by strengthening its unique and characteristic features in education, research and the concepts of inspiring creation of both the students and staff of the university and also the society. rich natural and cultural resources of yunnan province and the neighboring region in mineral deposits, hydro-power, biodiversity, tourism, minority cultures and others have been providing kust with everlasting source of power for development, as well as the awareness of our responsibility. as a university with parallel focuses on both teaching and research, kust attaches great importance in personal virtue fostering, and in knowledge acquiring, verifying, and creating. research in all graduate study programs and many characteristic subjects in kust are at priority positions, to encourage practice and innovation. all students in kust are encouraged to pursue for personal virtue, social responsibility, truth exploration, and verifying practice.

The contributions made by kust staff, alumni, and students to the regional, national and world development, and the demands of sustainable development of the world will keep to be the inspiration source of kust for more essential contributions to the world ahead. kust is on its way of the development into a world-recognized institution of higher learning with characteristic contributions to the region, the nation and the world, and with the reputation of an agreeable place in teaching, research and preferable personality development to the students .

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