Fees 2011/11/12

All the quoted prices hereafter are in Chinese yuan (¥CNY).

Application fee:
 CNY 610  

Tution fee: 

Students Category

Tuition Fee
(per academic year)

Teaching Material Fee
(per academic year)

Undergraduate student

CNY14000 per year

CNY300-500 per year

Postgraduate student

CNY18000 per year

CNY300-500 per year


1. Students are expected to pay their fees within the first week dating from the beginning of the academic year.

2. The international students should keep the invoice for tuition in case of query. If the students lose the invoice, the tuition won't be refundable.

3. Undergraduate degree students or master students who have not completed their academic work within the assigned time should pay the tuition for the extended period according to the general tuition standard if they want to extend their study in Nanchang Hangkong University.

4. The students should pay other fees by themselves such as health check up fee, graduation certificate fee, student card fee, library card fee etc. when they are registered in the university.

5.Nanchang Hangkong University can adjust all the fees according to relevant regulations.
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