About Medical School of Yangtze University 2011/10/31

The medical education in Yangtze University dates back to Shashi Health School which was founded in 1951 and has successively experienced the periods as Jianghan Medical College, Jingzhou Campus of Wuhan Medical College and Hubei Health Vocation Medical College. In 2003, Hubei Health Vocation Medical College, Jianghan Petroleum Institute, Hubei Agricultural College and Jingzhou Teachers College were incorporated into New Yangtze University. The medical education of Yangtze University now has 1 medical school, 2 clinical medical colleges which based on the first affiliated hospital of Yangtze University (the First People’s Hospital of Jingzhou) and Jingzhou Central Hospital, 5 departments including clinical medicine, nursing, Chinese traditional medicine, medical imaging and preventive medicine, 5 basic medical departments consisting of medical morphology, medical function, molecular biology, pathogenic biology and medical experiment division and a molecular medicine experimental center. The number of full-time teachers reaches nearly 100, among them 21 professors and 29 associate professors, and 60 of them got doctor and master degree.

The medical school now offers 4 undergraduate education for clinical medicine, nursing, medical imaging and traditional Chinese & western medicine as well as 4 specialty education for nursing, acupuncture and massage, medical imaging, orthopedics and traumatology. The clinical medicine was granted to the first-level of master degrees. Both of internal medicine and surgery are provincial key disciplines.  And there is a provincial clinical experiment training center. The number of registered students is 2,400 undergraduate students and nearly 40 postgraduate students.

The laboratories cover 8685.99㎡,providing 1500 experimental operation platforms and fine experimental teaching equipment which meets all demands of the teaching for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The molecular medicine experimental center was established by central government with the regional. The center provides a good platform for research in various fields, such as molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, medical microbiology, medical immunology, medical genetics and clinical medicine.
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