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City and Location

Suzhou- A city combining modernization and tradition
Suzhou is a well-known tourist city famous for its culture, as well as an economic development area, with its 2500 year long history. Bordering on Shanghai in the east, Zhejiang Province in the south, Lake Taihu in the west and the Yangtze River in the north, Suzhou enjoys a mild and temperate climate. Suzhou is only 25 minutes by train from cosmopolitan Shanghai

There is an old Chinese saying that translates as "Paradise in Heaven, Suzhou and Hangzhou on Earth." This is because of the long history the city has left behind along with its fascinating legends, its elegant classical gardens, traditional bridges hanging over flowing rivers, the beautiful lakes with its green hills, the many attractive scenic spots, historical sites, and the exquisite arts and crafts.

Besides its classic gardens, Suzhou is also famous for Kunqu Opera and Pingtan (ballad-singing in Suzhou dialect). To name some of the specialties found in Suzhou, you can find silk, handicrafts such as embroidery, fans, traditional Chinese musical instruments, lanterns, furniture, jade carvings, silk tapestry, traditional paintings, wood-block prints, etc, not to mention the big-gate crabs from Yangcheng Lake.

Suzhou is an ideal destination fo living and studying
The campus is located in International Education Park South, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, 30 minutes away from the bustling city centre and an ideal place for students to study and live


The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) has been providing hospitality education since 1991. The school was the first of its kind in Australia when it opened and has grown to be recognised as a leading provider of Hospitality Degree Courses. Over 21 years the Leura campus has developed hospitality degree courses where students live and study in a simulated hotel environment. This reflects the famous Swiss hotel school model of teaching and learning. In 2010, we were ranked the number 1 hospitality management school in Asia Pacific and Australia (TNS Survey 2010).
Campus Facilities
The campus offers first class facilities and features the new practical training laboratory, which opened in November 2011. This features an 'in-situ' Hotel Reception with uses the 'Opera' Property Management System, Restaurant and Bar with Micro Point of Sales, Commercial Kitchen, a Wine Exhibition Centre, a Hotel-Style Mock Room and a Research Centre for Hotel Operations.

The Student's Square
The Student's Square encompasses the dormitory precinct offering a student canteen, cafes, a mini-market, retail shops, hairdressing salon, printing & photocopy services and more.
Sports Centre
Sports Centre is a three level complex for sports and entertainment, including an indoor swimming pool, fitness club, Basket Ball and Badminton Courts, Billiards and Table Tennis Halls.

Academic Staff

Gerard Port-Louis (Director of Studies)
Gerard was born in the Seychelles, a group of beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar. He attended his primary, secondary and college in the Seychelles. He left the Seychelles in 1988 to study hotel management in Toulouse - France for four years whereby he graduated with a BTS (Brevet de Technicien Superieur). During his studies in France, he also worked in one of the famous hotel chain of Lucien Barriere.

Upon completion of his training in France, he returned to the Seychelles in 1992 where he took up a middle management position in food and beverage in the local hotels. His career in teaching and training started in 1996, when he took up a position as food and beverage teacher at the Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Training Centre (SHTTC). In 1997, he was also promoted as Assistant Director of Studies for the school.
In 1998, Gerard left for France to attend the IUFM (Institute Universitaire de Formation de Maitres) at Rangueil University - Toulouse for a certificate teacher training course in adult teaching. In 1999, he was promoted to Vice Principal at SHTTC. During his tenure as Vice Principal, he participated in many seminars and training in the tourism and hospitality industry. Hotels and resorts have also benefited from his experience whereby he was a member of the pre-opening training team of a world-renowned resort - Fregate Island, which is famous for celebrity vacations including Pierce Brosnan, Bill Gates and other famous personalities.
In 2000, he took up a new position with the South African Chain of Hotels-Kerzner International as Assistant Food & Beverage Manager at the One & Only Kanuhura Resort and Spa in Maldives. With his vast experience in training, he later took up the position of Training Manager for the resort. In 2003, he moved to the White Sands Resort in the Maldives as Assistant Director for Food & Beverage.

In December 2003, he returned back into the educational field where he took up the position of Director of Studies with the Blue Mountains Hotel School at its Chinese based campus in Suzhou. He was part of the pre-opening team of the campus

The BMHS Suzhou campus was opened In February 2004. This is a joint venture with the, Suzhou Tourism & Finance Institute to conduct a two-year diploma programme in hotel management. This joint venture programme is approved by the Ministry of Education, Jiangsu Province and also by the Education Bureau of Suzhou municipal city.

Pon graduation, the graduates have the opportunity to go overseas to further their studies to a bachelor’s degree level either at the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School in Australia or at any other tertiary education institution.

Our partner, the Suzhou Tourism and Finance Institute, offers several 5-consecutive-year diploma courses, which combines 3 years of secondary education and 2 years of higher education. It is a first class vocational education provider in Jiangsu Province, renowned for its modern teaching facilities, advanced educational visions and strict management fostering professionals in tourism and hospitality, finance, commerce as its ultimate aim. It is one of he first tourism schools in China. Over hundreds of graduates have been sent to Japan, Singapore and other countries to further their studies or practice in the tourism hospitality industry. 

The joint venture programme with Blue Mountains Hotel School is a ‘3 plus 2 years programme leading to tertiary qualifications in hospitality management. Students from this STFI programme will be eligible to graduate with both a local higher diploma and a diploma from BMIHMS Australia

The learning environment
The ancient city of Suzhou has a history of more than 2,500 years. It boasts of splendid scenery, rich cultural heritage and abundant agricultural products. It is situated in the lower Yangtze basin next to Lake Taihu. Since the founding of Suzhou as the capital of the Wu Kingdom in 514 BC, Suzhou has been the political, economic and cultural centre of the region. It is also renowned for its famous scholars, successful merchants, great architects and distinguished artists. Suzhou provides an ideal environment for studying, recreation and living. Suzhou is also only 35 minutes by fast train to cosmopolitan Shanghai - "Paris of the East". 

The school is located in the old part of the city which is a major tourist area with its traditional black, grey and white Chinese architecture – typical of Suzhou. It's waterways, gardens and famous “7-mile Street” shopping area are all within walking distance from the school 

The campus at Suzhou offers fully equipped kitchens and dining room for international cuisine service and operation. The campus also has a practical application hotel for Rooms Division training. 

An integral part of the students’ learning experience is the ability to apply their skills and knowledge whilst they are learning. Therefore, the students are provided with facilities on campus that simulate the real hotel environment for them to practise and learn within.

The mission of the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School is committed to the development of future leaders and managers dedicated in the achievement of excellence in the global hospitality industry through innovative, practical and challenging management education programs.

The School's philosophy in career preparation centers on a fusion of three crucial spheres of management. These are skills, knowledge, and attitude, engendered by immersion in a hotel environment uniquely both on and off campus, and reinforced by the total support of all staff towards achieving that goal. Central to the learning methodology of our School's courses is application i.e. the ability for students to apply their skills and knowledge as they learn it.
Therefore, students need to be exposed to the use of the conceptual tools in a realistic activity. The learning activities are created through the courses to allow the students to develop the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to operate successfully in the real life world of work. It is through the practical activities that students are engaged in, which brings the theoretical input to life.
Blended Learning

The BMIHMS uses a blend of learning techniques to supplement structured lectures and tutorials. These include internet-based resources, guest lecturers, team assignments, individual coaching and group learning activities. Throughout their course, students are expected to complete theoretical and practical tasks, and assignments. There are also theory and practical tests as well as examinations. Students are also expected to participate in project work, group and individual presentations. Final assessments take into account both coursework, progressive tests and examination results


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