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The Blue Mountains Hotel School (BMHS) - China, currently operates two joint venture campuses in China. The first joint venture is with the China Tourism Management Institute, now known as the College of Tourism and Service Management, a faculty of the prestigious Nankai University in Tianjin. The second joint venture is with the Suzhou Tourism and Finance Institute in Suzhou. We conduct a two-year diploma level hotel management programme in China with pathways to further studies, both locally or abroad. We have been delivering quality international hospitality education and training in China since 2001. We are amongst the first foreign joint venture schools in China to conduct this international programme in English.

At our China campuses, our students benefit the cross-cultural education of a western programme delivered in a Chinese learning environment. Our faculty members comprise of both expatriates from various countries, and local Chinese staff - majority of whom have overseas training and/or education. Our programme has a strong emphasis on both theoretical knowledge and practical applications. In addition to a rigorous programme of study at the school, our students spend six months of each year on internship in the international hotel industry to gain industry experience and broaden their practical skills. 

Upon graduation, our graduates have the options to either follow through their course of study to the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) to complete a bachelor’s degree at either the Leura or Canberra campus in Australia or other universities abroad.

For graduates who choose to embark on their management career upon graduation, our track record in China has shown that it is possible for our graduates to attain a management position with an international hotel within three years of graduating.

The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) currently operates two campuses in Australia, one, as BMIHMS in Leura, New South Wales and the other, the Australian International Hotel School (AIHS) in Canberra. Both Australian campuses are accredited Higher education institution in their own rights by their respective State Higher Education Directorate. 

The Leura campus is also Australia’s oldest and best-established fully residential hotel management school with over 2,000 graduates working in good positions around the world. 

It was established in 1991, to offer students first class education combining practical skills, theoretical knowledge with personal development,and to equip them to meet the demands of the international hospitality industry. The School offers both Australian and Swiss qualifications.

The BMIHMS has a proven track record of being one of the BEST hospitality educators in the world. In 2009, the School won the Australian Tourism Award for Best Tourism & Hospitality Education Provider of the Year at both, a state and national level.

Leura Campus
The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, Leura campus is located in the heart of the Blue Mountains heritage listed wilderness park which is also the most popular tourist destination in New South Wales. This campus sits within three hectares of picturesque gardens. 

Students can concentrate on their studies in a tranquil environment whilst having easy access to shops, restaurants, hotels and a wide range of outdoor activities. Sydney, Australia’s premier city is only two hours away by train or car.

Canberra Campus
The Canberra campus is known as the Australian International Hotel School (AIHS). The School is located only a short walk away from Parliament House with the historic Hotel Kurrajong. This hotel is an iconic heritage boutique hotel whose origins go back to the birth of Canberra as the nation’s capital, and whose corridors are steeped in Canberra’s political history.

China Campuses
In February 2001, the BMIHMS established its first joint venture campus in China to deliver a two-year diploma programme in hotel management. The joint venture is formed with the China Tourism Management Institute (CTMI), now known as the College of Tourism & Service Management (CTSM), a faculty of the prestigious Nankai University in Tianjin. 

The demand for well educated, trained and qualified hotel personnel for the hospitality industry in China was high then, and even more so now.It is the endeavour of the joint venture programme to continuously meet the needs of the industry with highly qualified and skilled graduates especially for the international hotel industry.

This joint venture programme at the Tianjin campus provides the opportunity for high school and university graduates to study for an international qualification that prepares them to be highly employable on graduation and at an affordable price. This joint venture has proven to be very successful in producing fully bi-lingual graduates fluent in Mandarin and English, who possess the skills, knowledge and professional service attitude required by the international hotels.

In February 2004, the BMIHMS established its second campus in China. This joint venture is formed with the Suzhou Tourism and Finance Institute (formerly known as Suzhou Tourism School) in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. This campus also delivers a two-year hotel management programme, the second joint venture programme with the Suzhou Tourism and Finance Institute (STFI) in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. The main aim of this joint venture is to provide a further extension of the international hospitality management to the STFI high school tourism stream graduates.

Due to popular demand of our students by our industry partners and a phenomenal increase in job opportunities in the hospitality industry worldwide, the two campuses now not only receives students from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau but also from overseas such as Indonesia, Mongolia, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Korea, Iran, and Singapore.

The BMHS China is headed by a Principal/CEO from Australia. At each campus, a Director of Studies oversees the management of the day-to-day campus operation in conjunction with our joint venture partners. Both Directors of Studies are expatriate faculty staff seconded from Australia. The teaching staffs at our China campuses are comprised of both, expatriate and local teachers. As part of staff development, the teaching staffs are sent to BMIHMS Australia to undertake training and professional update. 

At the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School campuses, we celebrate the personal achievements of many fine young people from all over the world who have attended our Schools. The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School makes a difference because we offer an enriched learning experience we call our “Three Pillars” approach to hospitality and tourism management education. All our campuses endorse this approach of educational values, beliefs and teaching philosophies. These values are expressed in terms of Professional and Personal Development, Practical Skills and Theoretical Knowledge.

The Students' Square
The Students' Square encompasses the dormitory precinct offering a student canteen, cafes, mini-market, retail shops, hairdressing salon, printing & photocopy services and more. There are many restaurants or small shops, which sell food and snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They provides Chinese, Muslim (not containing pork), Korean and Western (Burger and Fries) types of cuisine, and also include sushi restaurants. 

The Sports Centre
Open daily from 10am - 10pm.
It is located on the right hand side from the main entrance of STFI. It is located 10 minutes on foot away from the students' dormitory.
The sports centre consists of three floors, which are:
1st floor: Swimming Pool  and Shopping Center


2nd floor: Fitness Hall
3rd floor: Basket Ball and Badminton Courts, Billiards, Table Tennis Court
There will be a fee to access this sport facility.


The library is located opposite the sports centre. There is no membership fee for students. The student needs to have a membership card to access the library. The school helps students to apply for membership card for free. 

Student Activities on Campus
Besides studying, Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School- Suzhou Campus students enjoy their quality time with their friends by organizing other activities at school which makes their school life more fun and entertaining.

Student Representative Council (SRC)


Each semester students create a council, which is headed by two elected Presidents. In this council there are also different committees and societies that students can join according to their own interest. The SRC represents the student body to communicate its opinion and views to the school management in order to achieve a better environment for their study life.
The SRC raises and manages its own funds and hosts a range of social functions, which include parties, fundraising events, sports competitions, and many other activities.
As part of their studies, students are expected to organize and host a function every semester. This function will also be open to the public as an opportunity to showcase our students' creativity and organizational skills. By organizing the event, it will help student to improve their leadership, human resource management, marketing and time management skills that are necessary to be future leaders in the global hospitality industry.
BMIHMS Suzhou Campus is an international school with students from different cultural backgrounds. To create a greater understanding of other cultures, students hold dinners where they can promote their culture starting from the food, and including dance, national costume, and games
Professional and Personal Development 
“It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters in the end” Ursula Le Guin
The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School develops professional behavior in students, so they will have:
·A respect for themselves and for others – respect which is earned by being the best that they can be;
·An appreciation of, and sensitivity to, others’ values, opinions and cultures;
·A valuing of honesty and integrity in communications and in all dealings with others – resulting in a culture of trust and trustworthiness;
·An ability to respectfully adapt to new communities, cultures and workplaces and a willingness to advance environmentally sustainable practices;
·Self management skills, a sound work ethic and appreciation of the benefits that endeavour can bring;
·An acceptance of personal responsibility and responsibility for their own ongoing professional development;
·Confidence and leadership – tempered with humility and tact and a desire and ability to help others;

·A passion for lifelong learning

Practical Skills
“The only way to deal with the future is to function effectively in the now” Gita Bellin
The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School equips students with industry skills to:
·Work as professional hotel operators and managers to deliver real hotel services in realistic industry environments;
·Apply learning, with due regard to safety; learning from their success and their mistakes;
·Apply knowledge and theoretical approaches in both familiar and unfamiliar contexts;
·Value and augment their operational and technical skills;
·Work collaboratively with others to achieve outcomes that cannot be achieved by one person alone;
·Work collaboratively with industry to ensure that what they do add value to the industry;
·Take responsibility for providing customer care and satisfaction in the service encounter, regardless of their skills levels;
·Communicate effectively to various public and levels using a variety of methods and media

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