Why Study in HBNU 2015/01/20

Fully Developed Medical Teaching

Hebei North University was formerly known as Zhangjiakou Medical College, which was founded in 1946. Thus the university has developed a mature teaching system and well-equipped teaching facilities in terms of medical teaching. It has two affiliated hospitals and five nonaffiliated hospitals with 3000 patient beds. The first affiliated hospital, situated at the intersection of Hebei Province, is a first-class hospital with excellent environment and advanced infrastructure and equipment.

Numerous Superior Academic Areas

HBNU possess numerous superior academic areas. The existing academic areas of the university cover ten academic classifications, which are medicine, agronomy, literature, pedagogy, law, management science, history, economics, science and engineering, belonging to 76 academic areas of undergraduate and postsecondary specialized schooling.

First-Class Teaching Force and Teaching Facilities

The university possesses a strong teaching force with 14002 on staff. It owns equipment for teaching and scientific research valued at $ 13 million, 140 million volumes of books in the libraryDuring recent years, the university has been increasing its investments in teaching and research infrastructure. The campus inter-net, medical testing center, DNA testing center, multi-media classrooms, frequency modulation and foreign language broadcasting station have been set up. In the library, there are 2922 kinds of journals, electronic reading rooms, documents disk checking system and more than ten kinds of databases, including PQDD, Spinger, and Link.

High Employment Rate

The graduates are appreciated by their employers all the time and the schools quality has been approved by society. Up to now, the employment rate for medical undergraduates occupies high rank among other universities, while the employment rate of medical laboratory technician undergraduates is 100% and the supply of all agronomy undergraduates falls short on demand.

Geographical Advantage

Convenient transportation—— Zhangjiakou City is very close to Capital Beijing (about 3 hours' drive), and quite a lot of railways and highways are available between the two cities.

Livable environment—— Zhangjiakou has an enjoyable ecological environment. According to the results of air quality monitoring, Zhangjiakou city ranked first in the north of the Yangtze river in China.

Famous tourist attraction—— Zhangjiakou city has 3 National Nature Reserves  and 27 State Protected Historic Sites. It is one of the great cities of cultural relic in Hebei Provice. It also has the largest natural ski resort in the North China, known as "Oriental Davos".

The vast prairie in Zhangjiakou City

The natural ski resort in Zhangjiakou City

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