About HBNU 2015/01/20

Brief Introduction

Hebei North University is a government administrated multi-faculty university, which offers Bachelors Academic Degree programs and Master Academic Degree programs. The University was founded in May 2003 after approval by the Ministry of Education. It is made up of three former provincially-administrated institutions of higher learning in Zhangjiakou: Zhangjiakou Medical College(ZJKMC), Zhangjiakou Teachers College(ZJKTC), Zhangjiakou Advanced Postsecondary Agronomy School(ZJKAPAS). It's the only multi-faculty university in the north of Hebei Province.

Teaching Faculty

The university possesses a strong teaching force, with mentors of graduates at core and professors and associate professors as back bone. The university has 165 professors and 363 associate professors, while engaging more than 80 famous scholars from home and abroad as honorable professors or part-time professors. Among teachers on staff, 30 persons are provincial-managed excellent experts, government-subsidized experts, or middle-aged or young experts with prominent achievements. Professor Zhangjing, the only winner of the First National University and College Excellent Teaching Prize, was elected outstanding contributing expert in Zhangjiakou, and Niu Chunyu and Zhang Danshen were selected provincial excellent talents.

Teaching and Research Infrastructure

During recent years, the university has been increasing its investments in teaching and research infrastructure. The campus inter-net, medical testing center, DNA testing center, multi-media classrooms, frequency modulation and foreign language broadcasting station have been set up. In the library, there are 2922 kinds of journals, electronic reading rooms, documents disk checking system and more than ten kinds of databases, including PQDD, Spinger, and Link.

International Cooperation

The university has reinforced its cooperation with foreign higher learning institutions. Up to date, many scholars from these institutions in America, Canada, Australia, Japan and other countries are invited as guest professors in the university from time to time, while schooling cooperation agreements between the university and some universities in Germany, Australia, Mongolia and other countries have been reached. Lots of teachers have been sent overseas to study and gain experience, so the overall knowledge standard of the teaching staff has been rising and our university has benefited greatly.

Bright Future

Coming in this new era, the teaching management system reform has come into effect and the inter management system strengthened. At the same time, all the amenities and infrastructure are being improved. in accordance with strategic plan based on graduates education, actively developing postgraduate education, adapting to social needs, serving local economy, reinforcing science construction, improving teaching quality, the leadership and staff are doing their best to build the university into a modern and open multi-faculty university and a symbol that represents hard work and determination . We believe that our vigorous multi-faculty university will one day be the best of its kind in the north of China.

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