News of 2011 Taishan Medical University 2014/12/02

one time registration procedure:

newspaper test center application period is June 7 office 2010 key, 2011 to June 24, 2011. Candidates are required to present ID card registration, military by military identity card, identity card no account of the application by a minor. Registration is required with the seating arrangement hat One inch photo sheets, according to the instructions in the application form fill out office 2010 key, writing not to grass. Registration is required due to take digital photos and signatures, it is necessary to test sites from my application, not on behalf of the newspaper.

Second, examination grades, subjects and exam time:

(1) exam grades, subjects:

According to NEEA
notification requirements of the spirit and adjustment programs, 34 to sit one exam, two, three windows 7 key, four. Table below:

account code written examination time (minutes) examination on time (minutes)

a level B 13 No 90

a WPS Office 14 no 90

a MS Office 15 no 90

two secondary C 24 90 90

two VB 26 90 90

two VFP 27 90 90

two JAVA 28 90 90

two ACCESS 29 90 90

two C + + 61 90 90

two Delphi 62 90 90

three three PC technology 33 120 60

three information management technology 34 120 60

three network technology 35 120 60

three database technology 36 120 60

four four network engineers 41120 No

four database engineers 42120 No

four software test engineer 43120 No

(2) Test Time:

Written examination time
2011 9 月 17 日 (Saturday) 9:00, examination on from September 17, 2011 from the afternoon of test batches, test location, time, ticket for the sessions to standards.

Third, the examination fee: primary, secondary and tertiary enrollment fees are 72.00 yuan / person, four registration fee is 112.00 yuan / person.

four, registration locations, phone, contact:

five, receive ticket time:

2010 September 12 to September 16 to physical Building E1301 by the candidates registration form to receive ticket.

six, to remind: when the exam candidates should bring their ID card, please read the admission ticket candidates negative note, remember! Make-up the first 33 students Please bring ticket.

seven, result inquiry: test scores generally released within two months after the examination, the landing of Information Engineering, Taishan Medical College home page to the website:

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