Admission application, Visa granting and entering China: 2011/11/28

Students need to apply to International Exchange Office for an Admission Application Form, then carefully fill in it and send it back to the Office. The Office will send to the applicant an Admission Notice and a JW202 Form. The applicant has to carry the two documents to take a physical examination and get an X Visa (Studying Visa) at the Chinese embassy (consulate) in the country the student lives in, and then must enter China and register with the university within the fixed time limit.


When students apply for admission, they have to submit the following materials to the department:

Admission Notice of Tianjin Science and Technology University and JW202 Form;
Physical Examination Report of the students;
a valid Passport with X Visa;
the original and photocopy of the applicant’s highest diploma and school report card;
1 electronic and 6 physical passport photographs (size 3.5×3.5cm) with white background

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