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Q1: Which HSK level certificate is required for Preparatory Program application? Am I required to sit for the Entrance Examination?
A1: HSK certificate is not required of Preparatory Program application, they need not sit for the entrance examination .After registration, you can only required to sit for the Class Categorization Examination.

Q2: If I am unable to produce the latest examination certificate and other application materials, what shall I do? Will this affect my application?
A2: We understand that some schools award graduation certificates relatively late, so, late submissions are acceptable. You should submit these outstanding materials on Registration Day. Your application will not be affected.

Q3: Do application to under 18 years of age need to produce the notarial deed?
A3: Yes, such applications need to produce 2 notarial deeds, With regard to the notary (China national,non-Beijing residents need to submit temporary Residence Permit),He/She is required to bring the applicant to Beijing notarial office to apply for the notarial deeds .You are required to produce one copy of the notarial deed to apply for the JW202 Form ; the other copy of the notarial deeds is required for the application of Residence Permit on Registration Day.

Q4: How soon should I arrive in Beijing on successful application into BUCM?
A4: You are advised to arrive 1 week or more on Student Visa. On Registration Day, after completing your registration, you must immediately apply for your Residence Permit.

Q5: How may I pay my tuition Fee?
A5: You may pay yearly or by semester. Payment can be made by cash or Union Pay Card.

Q6: Can I send Application Fee via electronic transfer?
A6: No. Payment via post, couvier service, or electronic transfer .etc is not acceptable. Cash payment only. Should you encounter any late payment problems, you may make payment before sitting for your Entrance Examination.

Q7: Is there any age limitation for applicants to BUCM
A7: No. Applicants need only be in good health throughout their studies.

Q8How about lodging issues?
A8: BUCM has an International Student Hostel but availability is limited .However, the University will do its best to settle lodging issues for new Freshman and guarantee quality lodging services. For further details, please call 86-10-64286320 International Student Hostel Service Center.

Q9: Are there any Scholarship for new Freshman?
A9: Yes. The BUCM Freshman Scholarship is awarded based on Entrance Examination results. Those applicants exempted from Entrance Examination results and wish to be eligible for this Scholarship, please refer to the Scholarship and Awards section of the prospectus.

Q10: Am I required to purchase Medical Insurance?
A10: The Ministry of Education of China stipulates that it is compulsory for foreign students studying in China to be sufficiently covered by the Domestic Medical Insurance. You can purchase this on Registration Day

Q11 Dose Tuition Fee include book and other expenses?
A11: No. Book and other miscellaneous expenses are separately budgeted based on individual Program/Coues needs.

Q12: What are living expenses like in Beijing?
A12: Lodging: approximately 30,000RMB/academic year
Food Expenses: approximately 10,000RMB/ academic year
Transport etc: approximately 5,000RMB/ academic year
The above information acts as a guide for your reference only.

Q13: How will I receive the Acceptance Notification letter and JW202 Form from BUCM?
A13: Usually, these are collected by the students personally. However, should you send a proxy, please ensure that he/she bring along relevant documents. Should you require these to be sent to you by post, please specify during your application to prevent late delivery.

Q14: If I have a foreign Green Card, can I apply to BUCM?
A14: No, we only accept application from foreign nationals.

Q15What are entrance requirement for China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan emigrants wishing to apply to BUCM as foreign students?
A15: All applications need to hold valid foreign passports or relevant document for a minimum of 4 years (as of before 30th April of Enrollment Year).Application must have resided in that country for at least 2 years (minimum of 9 months in a year for 2 consecutive years based on authorized customs stamp)

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