Application to Shandong University of Science and Technology 2012/05/21

Application to Shandong University of Science and Technology 1. Procedure Students submit application and pay 400RMB application fee→ our university processing their application→ our university notifies the students whether they will be admitted→our university sends JW202(Visa Application for Study in China) and Admission Letter to the students→ students appy for the visa at China Embassy→student get the visa and come to our university. 2. Requirement Applicants applying for the two undergraduate programs of Mechatronics and Telecommunications Engineering shall provide the following materials: 1) Copy of passports 2) Copy of Senior High School Graduation Cerficate and Transcripts 3) Application Form 4) Reseme 3. undergraduste program taught in English: Telecommunications Engineering. 4. Duration of Courses: Bachelor degree : four years 5. Fees Application Fee: 400 RMB Per Year Tuition: 16000 RMB Per Year Lodging: Single room 12000 RMB per year Double room: 7500 RMB Per Year Heath checkup: about 500 RMB Per Year (only in the first year) Residence permit Fee: 800 RMB Per Year Accident Health Insurance: 120 RMB Per Year(could be changed) Room deposit: 300 RMB Per Year Book fee: (according to the books)
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