Hints for life at SDUST 2012/05/21

Hints for life at SDUST 1. Shops near the campus (a) Back Street (on campus near North Gate) has several shops. Li Qun (利群) has most things, but the last on the right at the far end Fu Lai Xin(富来鑫)is a cheaper family business which we prefer. (b) There are two greengrocers in Back Street, the northern one being the cleaner. (c) Wei Ke Supermarket (维客超市) is across the lake and has a good stock. (d) Above the canteen is a good-sized supermarket. (e) Outside the South Gate, by the river on the right 500m is a large well-stocked one called Guo Huo Chao Shi (国货超市). (f) Some of the shops in Bao Feng (宝丰)market opposite South Gate have an amazing range of things. (g) Tong Tai Da (通泰达)is a supermarket in the staff-housing area up the hill between blocks A27 and B4, which has a good range of fresh vegetables, fruit and general items even in holiday times. (h) There is a comprehensive little computer shop on the main road opposite South Gate to the left. (i) Right at the back of the Bao Feng market is a small stationery shop with a wide range of materials. 2. Supermarkets in town The most popular are JUSCO, Jia Jia Yuan (家佳源) and Li Qun (利群), all quite close together. Duo Yuan (多元), up the hill a bit from Jia Jia Yuan, has lots of small shops for cheaper household items. 3. Transport in Huangdao From the South Gate, number 9 bus runs to the JUSCO area (RMB 2 fare), and is very frequent. Number 10 from same place goes to the ferry pier for crossing to the main city Qingdao. From the North Gate the number 6 goes to town by a longer route. Taxis are good for getting back from town after the buses finish at about 7 pm. The ride from town costs about RMB25. There is an extra fuel tax of RMB1 added to the meter figure. Ask for the North Gate of the campus (山东科技大学 北门). 4. Water The tap water is not drinkable except when boiled, but still may taste of chlorine. It is best to buy 20 litre bottles from either shop in Back Street, who will deliver. You can either buy a water machine to fit these bottles, or a simple hand pump. 5. Rubbish This should be put into the bins located either between GA4-6 or GA3-5. 6. Documents and apartment maintenance Staff in international Office are very helpful and efficient. They will assist with anything to do with residence permits, health and apartment repairs. 7. Salaries These are paid near the end of each month in cash at the International Office. 8. Medical emergencies The campus clinic is located on the ground floor of building GA6. You can be accompanied to the clinic if you ask. For serious cases he will arrange transportation to the Huangdao hospital. 9. Mobile phones Phones and SIM cards can be bought from the China Mobile outlets in Back Street and elsewhere. (Take your passport for the SIM card). Topping up is done by payment at any China Mobile shop. Local calls cost 20 cents per minute and domestic calls 70 cents. It is possible to phone overseas numbers from mobiles by putting 12550-00 in front of the full international number. Apparently it only works in the environs of Qingdao, and costs about RMB2 per minute. We have only tried it for UK. This is much cheaper than using the telephone in your apartment or using phone cards. 10. Telephones You can only make on-campus calls with the telephone in your apartment. Please dial the last five numbers of the destination number. For example, the phone number of the International Office is 86057717, but from campus you only dial 57717. If you want to make local or domestic calls, please contact the International Office, which will help to arrange the service, but you will be responsible for payment of your telephone bills. 11. Canteen The three canteens, one in each student residence area, can be used if one obtains a special smart card. Cash is not accepted, and the card is preloaded by payment at an office outside the canteen. The C1 canteen (nearest to our apartments) has take-away food on the first floor, eat-in trays on the second, and minority-race foods on the third. 12. Loo roll (toilet paper) The plumbing is rather sensitive to blockages, so loo paper should not be put into the toilet, but into a separate bag which is thrown out with the rubbish. 13. Post Office This is next to GA12, and local and international mail (and EMS) can be sent from there. Note that local mail in China must have the address written in Chinese. 14. Bank account The Agricultural Bank of China, located next to GA12, will open an account for you with an ATM card. 15. Restaurants around the campus The campus restaurant is situated across the lake above the B canteen. Good, especially for groups. Allen’s restaurant outside the North Gate is very popular, since the food is excellent and not expensive. Unfortunately, usually very crowded and noisy. A group of >5 can book a private room. Opposite the South Gate in a side street to the right is a Sichuan restaurant at the far end on the left. Food is good and cheap, with fine variety. The Yi Hai (逸海) restaurant is beyond the Sichuan restaurant, on the corner across the next road. Food is good but expensive, although the ambience is pleasant. The small restaurants in Back St. and Bao Feng are popular with some, but there is debate about their hygiene. 16. Shoe repairs In the middle of Back Street (follow your nose; it’s next to the loos) is a good repairer who charges very little. 17. Hair cuts Back Street has a plethora of salons, mostly staffed by young men who are very good at their job. No haute coiffeur however. 18. Tailor There is a good tailor near JUSCO on the same side of the street as the No. 9 stop, about 500 metres down. They will copy existing garments, or make to measure. We had one experience where they used inferior cloth for trousers, but they subsequently replaced the items with higher quality material. 19. Shopping Bus There will be a shopping bus to take you to the JUSCO area every Saturday morning, except during holidays. The bus is scheduled to depart from Building GA9 at 9 am and return at 11 am. In case of cancellation of the shopping bus, you will be informed beforehand. 20. Walking Behind the campus there is lovely walking country with good paths. Part of it is in the National Park for which there are admission charges. Xiao Zhu Shan (小珠山;Little Pearl Mountain) overlooks the campus, and offers a good day’s trek to the summit which has interesting views in all directions. It is worth visiting Golden Sand Beach(金沙滩)(No. 18 bus), which has a long boardwalk on the front, or Silver Sand Beach which is less developed (No. 3 bus). A short walk down the road opposite JUSCO leads to Tang Dao Wan(唐岛湾), which has a landscaped promenade, but no beach. A visit to the Wildlife Park over the hills behind the university is informative, and shows a wide range of animals (including a Panda). The No. 12 bus (going away from town) terminates at the park. The bus stop (Nan Ni 南泥)is at the end of the long road (about 1 km) straight ahead from the North Gate. Entry fee to the park is RMB60 in the summer months. 21. Maps There is a general map of Huangdao available, but it cannot keep up with the changes to the town. For the walking country there is nothing, and so we are making our own by putting paths onto Google Earth images. 22. Train and air tickets Tickets for local and international flights, as well as rail, can be purchased at the Wei Ke Supermarket (维客超市) across the lake. They are very efficient, and the tickets are usually available the next day after ordering. 23. Transport to Qingdao Take the number 10 bus to the ferry pier. There is a choice of either the slow car ferry or a fast boat. From the Qingdao pier one can take the number 304 bus to the centre of town (JUSCO, Carreforr, May 4th monument, Olympic site etc). Be warned that the ferry service can stop quite suddenly in case of heavy fog or strong wind. 24. University address For mail from overseas, the address should be: c/o International Office, Shandong University of Science and Technology, 579 Qianwangang Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, P.R.China 266510 Local mail (and overseas if possible) needs the Chinese address; 中国山东省青岛市黄岛区前湾港路579号 山东科技大学国际交流处 邮编:266510 25. A few restaurant dishes Sweet & sour chicken: 糖醋鸡 Tang cu ji Cashew nut chicken 腰果鸡丁 Yao guo ji ding Iron plate beef 铁板牛肉 Tie ban niu rou Capital shredded pork 京酱肉丝 Jing jiang rou si Sweet & sour pork slices 糖醋肉片 Tang cu rou pian Fried pork tenderloin 锅塌里脊 Guo ta li ji Fried aubergine 炸茄子 Zha qie zi Squid rings 鱿鱼圈 You yu quan Boiled rice 米饭 Mi fan Enjoy the place.
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