The graduation ceremony and master degree award ceremony of the class of 2014 Taishan Medical University 2014/07/12

The graduation ceremony and master degree award ceremony of the class of 2014 Taishan Medical University was held on July 3, we wants to see students off in the most impressive way. School leaders Wang Changsong, Wang xuechun, Fu chaoguang, Wang qingbao, Zhang Chengli, Peng Chunlei, Xu Shufeng, Liu Tailai together with the heads of all departments attended the graduation ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by vice president Wang qingbao, and started by the national anthem. Vice president Peng chunlei read shandong province outstanding graduates the class of 2014 and outstanding youth volunteers of taishan medical university, the leads from university awarded graduation and degree certificates, and issued honorary certificates for provincial level outstanding graduates and outstanding youth volunteers.

The school leaders issued master's degree certificates to the graduates in the master degree award ceremony .The ceremony was filled with a solemn and warm atmosphere.President Wang xuechun made a passionate speech amid the warm applause. He extended congratulations to all the students and expressed thanks to all teachers on behalf of the party committee and administration,he encouraged the students work hard after graduation and make an achievement of their work,he hopes the students can make more contribution to the development of our society and always keep a positive and healthy mentality ,face life with optimistic attitude and make a bright future.

Tian Zhaoju represented all teachers hope the students can keep learning, conquer all the difficulties and have a bright future. The students representative Huang jinlong expressed gratitude to all teachers and they will carry out the school’s ascending spirit, be a responsible person, make more contribution to the development of our country.

In 2014, there are 191 full-time post-graduate students and 4152 undergraduate students. The employment rate for post-graduate students is 79.06% and 88.44% for undergraduate students.

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