Why Study in DMU


The international communications and cooperations of Dalian Medical university are now becoming active and extensive, with the establishment of partnerships with more than 72 universities, 38 institutes and corresponding organizations of 26 different countries and areas, such as New York State University of U.S.A., Curtin University of Technology, Victoria University in Australia, University of South Australia, the University of Adelaide, Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy in Ukraine, Saint-Petersburg State Pavlov Medical University, the University of Bolton in U.K., Fachhochschule Dortmund University of Applied Science, Gunma University of Japan, Tokyo Medical and Dental University of Japan, Our Lady of Fatima University, Philippines, Chonnam National University in Korea. Dalian Medical University carried out academic communication with experts of United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Korea, as well as the area of Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan. At the same time, the university jointly carried out international cosmetology senior medical teaching with Malaysia Cosmetology College and International Medical Cosmetology Association. 

Dalian Medical University jointly created photography specialty with Sino-Japan Everlasting Pease Association, especially started a beginning of the artistic specialty created through Chinese and foreign cooperation and set in medical academies. During these years, international joint educational programs have been explored, and now the university have started the running school program and credit-exchange program with 17 universities from 9 countries ( U.K., Ukraine, Philippines, Australia and etc.),  till the end of 2006, there 248 students of Dalian Medical University have joined the international joint educational programs.The university has joint education program in stomatology and clinical medicine with Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy in Ukraine, and establish postgraduate program of photography with Bolton University in U.K., etc.
During the course of international communication, Dalian Medical University accepted the help from foreign advanced devices and equipments, teaching and scientific research facilities, etc., also ,by various means, sent teachers, learners abroad for further study, cooperative scientific research, academic communication, and friendly visit, meanwhile invited foreign experts, learners to come to visit, give lectures, carry out academic communication, also particularly invited foreign experts and learners who contributed much to teaching, scientific research, and medical work as visiting professors and lecture professors.
In many years Dalian Medical University, through sending, invitation and many other means, absorbed and introduced foreign advanced technological knowledge and achievements, subsequently gained omni-directional and high-level development, meanwhile contributed to social progress and development.
Dalian Medical University also recruited foreign students abroad and overseas students from Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan, offered them excellent living environment and study condition. Having been approved by the Education Department of Liaoning Province, the foreign students can be enrolled into every major available at present, and the candidates include: undergraduates in medicine, junior college students, master programs and doctorate programs, refresher course students in medicine, and interns as well as Chinese Language learners. Now the university has MBBS courses in English for its foreign students. There are around 1000 short-term and long-term foreign students from 20 different foreign countries on the campus, more than any other university in Liaoning province. 

Through international communication and cooperation Dalian Medical University further realized the world-oriented as well as future-oriented teaching direction, promoted the development as a whole.

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