Tuition Fees  ( CNY/ Academic Year)


Please check your admission notice for the tuition fee details. You are required to pay off the tuition fees and other fees upon  arrival (WITHIN 10 WORKING DAYS). Delay in payment of fees  may delay your registration and residence permit process. It is important you make all the necessary arrangements before travelling to China. You can remit/transfer your tuition fees to the University US Dollar Account from abroad. Please DO NOT transfer money to the university account from ATMs! If you wish to transfer the tuition fees to the University account from your country, please note that we do not take responsibility for any delays in the remittance. If you do your transfer through the bank/financial institutions, kindly obtain a telex copy/proof of transfer. However,we only consider the date on which the transferred amount reflects in the University account.


Please note that any wrong input will cause transaction failure and strongly request that you take special attention toour account detail.


New Students are advised not to transfer their tuition fees through agents and other unauthorized channels. We do not accept liability for any issues that might arise from such private arrangements.


Most international debit/credit cards offer cash withdrawals at Chinese ATMs, some charges and daily limits are applicable. In all these options, students are advised to use the most secure methods of transaction from home-county that would enable you receive money in China through respective institutions.


 Accommodation Fee


There are 2 accommodation options available to new students depending on the program study duration.


Type1: Long-term Programs


 4,600 Yuan per person per academic year (Double-room) (payable upon arrival 30 days).


Type2: Short-term Programs


2,300 per person per academic year (Double-room) (payable upon arrival 30 days).


Other Fees


 Following expenses are for first year only


Registration Fees: 400 CNY


Deposit for Dormitory: 100 CNY


Bedding Items: 425 CNY (pillow, bed sheet, blanket, mattress etc.) (Optional)


Physical Examination: 400 CNY (to be paid to Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau)




Annual Expenses from first year to last year


Medical Insurance Fee: 600 CNY/ year (to be paid to the life insurance company)


Resident Permit: 400 CNY (to be paid to Public Security Bureau by candidate)


Books: Flexible, about 600 CNY/year


Living expenses: Approximately 1,500 CNY/month (Depends on your personal budget)