Why Study in DPU


1.Under the approval of the Ministry of Education, our university was renamed Dalian Polytechnic University in March, 2007.

2.Dalian Polytechnic University is the only institution of higher education in Northeast China specializing in light industry and textile. It is also the base for talents cultivation and R&D center of consumption products in Northeast China and even the whole country.

3.In 2005 our university achieved excellent result in the Assessment of Undergraduate Teaching Level held by the Ministry of Education. It was the first of the seven direct undergraduate universities of the former Ministry of Light Industry and the sixth of the forty universities of Liaoning Province that achieved excellent result.

4.Our university acquired the second prize of National Technological Invention Awards twice respectively in 2003 and 2005. Tsinghua University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Tianjin University, Dalian University of Technology and our university are the only five universities that got the prize twice in three years.

5.Light Chemistry Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Art Design and Product Design are the four specialities under the country’s direct control. Food Science and Engineering and Fashion Design and Engineering are the provincial demonstration specialities. Computer Multi-media Technology and Fashion Design are the high vocational demonstration specialities of Liaoning Province.

6.Our university ranked the sixth in the subject of light industry technology and engineering in the 80 first-class subjects assessment result published by China Education Newspaper in 2004.

7.Our university ranked the 160th among 619 colleges and universities in the Assessment Report of China’s Colleges’ and Universities’ Competitive Ability of Scientific and Technological Innovation in 2004.

8.In 2005 the co-cultivation program of French overseas students was started, which would last fives years as the biggest cooperative program in the exchanging history of Chinese and French higher education.

9.Fashion Design and Engineering and Art Design were appraised A+ level and got their leading positions in the 5% of the same speciality in the country in the speciality ranking list, which divided the undergraduate education of China into 192 specialites, put forward by the Scientific Assessment Research Center of China in 2006.

10.Doctor Kurt Wüthrich, the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry and Jacques Mouclier, chairman of French Fashion Association and other well-known scholars in the world have been invited as the reputation and visiting professors of our university.

11.Our university was awarded “the Excellent Unit of Initial Employment Rate of Liaoning General Universities” in 2003, “the Excellent Unit of Employment Evaluation of Liaoning General Universities” in 2004, “the Outstanding Contribution Award of Graduates Employment Evaluation of Liaoning General Universities” of the first group in 2005. and “the Demonstration University of the Undergraduate’s Career Creation Education of Liaoning General Universities” in 2006 and other codes of title.

12.The comprehensive teaching building with a constructive area of 66,000 m2 is the largest single building of the universities of Liaoning province. The library is well equipped with plenty of books and advanced equipments. The standardized stadium has successfully carried on Chinese top-class football games. The well-equipped gymnasium is spacious and multi-functional. The beautiful campus has been selected as the location for many movies and TV series.