Q& A Before You Come to China

1.Which Documents should I ask from my university before Visa application?

Usually, the following documents are needed.

1)Admission Letter

2)JW202/JW201 Form (especially for CSC student)

3)No Objection Letter (from your current Chinese University)

please check the detailed documents requirement of your embassy.

2.Which documents should I prepare for JW202 form?

Basic documents


2)Highest education certificate

3)Highest education transcript

Documents for some universities are different according to school and local government policy. Additional documents like bank statement, physical examination form, non criminal certificate may needed.

If your university locate in Liaoning Province of China,  like Dalian Medical University, you need to prepare the following documents also

1)First page and eight blank pages of passport (if you have been to China before, provide the visa page with entry and exit stamps)

2)Chinese Translation Version of Highest education certificate

3)Chinese Translation Version of Transcripts

3.What should I do before I submit my documents to my university?

1)Be sure your passport valid time should be at least one year (some university may ask at least four years)

2)Be sure your application form is right. Please check your personal information is correct with passport information. Your home address, telephone number is correct. Because your university will use your information to apply for your JW202 form, once there is mistake, it will affect your visa application.

4.What should I do if I change passport recently?

If you are old student and already registered online class, you need to report to your university, submit both your old and new passport scan copy. Passport number change will also affect your visa application

5. Do I need a Vaccine before I come to China?

Yes. According to our confirmation, most universities ask their student must done three time vaccinated before come to China. So if your you are preparing to come to China, please finish vaccine according to the time.

About the specific time of return to school, pls follow your current university. It will need time to process jw202 form and even for visa application and most universities will start new semester in end of August or September. So if your already got admission letter we suggest you do online registration and start class first, then wait for the news and prepare to back to China at the same time.  If you are looking for Chinese universities for your study, feel free contact with SICAS, we are ready to help.