Free Online Chinese Language for 2022 September Intake

Are you interested in Chinese Culture?

Are you preparing to study Chinese Language?

Good news! One of SICAS cooperated university holds International Chinese Teachers Scholarship Program in 2022 fall semester

Fee: Scholarship support, tuition free.

01 Study Duration:  Sep.2022 to Jan.2023

02 Content:

Chinese Speaking, Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese culture; Students are divided into classes according to their Chinese proficiency.

03 Admission Requirements:

1. Intentional Students (uploaded passport in system, if do not have passport, upload citizen ID card)

2.Love Chinese language and culture

3. The age is between 16 to 35, while the in-service teacher age could be no more than 45.

4.Ensure online learning time and complete online learning, can study with class recording in case needed.

5.Submit HSK certificate, HSK level and score is not required.

6.Do not have X1 or X2 study visa recording.

7.Did not attend any scholarship sponsored by center for language education and cooperation.

04 Completion

Attendance at least 70% (watching live class or recording playback) and completion of the course study, Issue Certificate of International Chinese Teachers Scholarship Program in 2022 fall semester, the students with certificate will enjoy enrollment priority upon same conditions in future scholarship application.

05 How to apply

Way 1: Register on SICAS website and you will get course advisor to guide your application step by step

Way 2: Email to

Way 3:  Add SICAS official wechat/whatsapp:+86-15318861816

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