Amazing! Have You Seen Such Beautiful Learning Notes & Homework?

From October 10 to 12, School of International Education, Ningxia Medical University held the most beautiful learning notes and homework evaluation and exhibition activities.

Since the launch of the activity, international students of all grades at home and abroad have actively participated and submitted hundreds of learning notes and assignments involving multiple courses such as systematic anatomy, cell biology, surgery and Chinese. The students' notes and assignments have their own characteristics. Some are illustrated with pictures, some have made maps, and some have marked their understanding of knowledge points, which fully demonstrates the recent learning achievements of international students.

Let's enjoy the winning works together!

Grade 2022, Bisma

Grade 2022 ,  Areeba

Grade 2020, Jeyashree

Grade 2020,  Velmurugasamy

Grade 2019 SURYA

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Grade 2019   MAZHOOD


Grade 2018 雅莉达

Grade 2022, Chinese Language Class    Namrin

Graduate student  Aqsa

source: Ningxia Medical University