Hangzhou in Indonesian Student Sandy`s Eyes

In September of 2017, I moved to Hangzhou Zhejiang Gongshang University where I got my first degree, with my improved spoken mandarin, it was time I discover the land with its rich cultural and historical heritage.


Hangzhou's striking aspects are the greeneries, its breathable air and cleanliness. The West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011, is the main attraction site of the city. It is such a peaceful nature spot blended with century-old trees, temples and museum.


A boat ride through the lake takes you to the east side of the lake where one accesses the road to Longjing village for the world-famous green tea by the same name. In the middle of all the greeneries, there is also the sound of harmony between the individuals.


Above everything else, China is about the people. The most kind of human beings, down-to-earth, cultured, respectful, honorable and happy men, women and children.


We ought to stand and salute the discipline and laborious attitude of our Chinese brothers and sisters. They toil the land and make China more prosperous. Their attitude to always give and not expecting anything in return reflects the golden heart they have.


source: ZJSU

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