Guide for Residence Permit and Physical Examination

Documents needed for Residence Permit

To proceed for the residence permit, you   need following documents:

(1) Passport original and copy

(2) Admission letter (original and copy)

(3) The result of physical examination

If you had the physical examination report from your own country, verify it at Shanghai International Travel and HealthCare Center.

(4) Introduction Letter for Visa Application  

(5) Registration form of temporary residence (original and copy).  

on campus: Issued by reception of international student’s dormitory building.

off campus: Issued by local police station.

(6) Photos  

If you process visa in the headquarter, you MUST take photo on the first floor of visa center building.

(7) The yellow page of Visa Application for study in China

Tips for Residence Permit

IMPORTANT TIPS, that may keep your time, nerves and money:


If the information is right: your name and surname spelling, date of birth, your passport number, right address, date of coming to China, date of entry to the dormitory (if you stay at the dormitory). If some information is spelled wrong, you need to correct the mistake.

(2) If you have two passports for travelling, try to issue all your documents to one passport (the list of docs see above).

Also if in one passport your name or (and) surname is spelled differently (for the reason of rules change, etc.) you should go to your consulate in Shanghai and ask for a document, confirming that both of your passports are issued for you, that you are the same person.

(3) Prepare CASH!

WeChat pay, Alipay, bank cards ARE NOT allowed to be used in visa centre. There is an ATM on the first floor, but it's not from any of Chinese major banks, be ready to pay the fee.

(4) Make all the copies BEFOREHAND. You can make the copies on the third floor at the counter around the corner. But you need cash to pay.

(5) If you want your documents to be delivered, you should buy an envelope for 25 RMB at the copy counter around the corner on the third floor. Again they receive ONLY cash.

(6) DO NOT throw away the receipt. If something is wrong, you will need the receipt to confirm your payment. Otherwise you will have to prepare all the docs again (including payment for the physical examination, payment for the residence permit, etc.).

(7) If your name on your residence permit or any other credentials is done with mistakes, you MUST correct them. To correct, you should go to the visa center.

Tips for Physical Examination


No eating food within 5h before the check.

Documents needed:

(1) Passport & copy (photo page & visa page)

(2) Admission Letter

(3)  3 color passport photos

(4) Health Examination Application form (fill in P1)

(5) Consent form (sign it)

(6)  If you've taken the physical check at home within 6 month, please bring the report and ALL the materials for the verification.费用Fee:

(1) RMB406 for the check.

(2)  Around RMB20 for express delivery.

The explanation above is for your reference. However, please be aware that the regulations are subject to change and  you should check with relevant authorities prior to making arrangements.

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