China will remove the digital itinerary card service starting Tuesday

Since December 13th (Bejing Time), China will remove the  digital itinerary card (行程卡 xíngchéngkǎ) in order to comply with new Covid regulations

At the same time , "Digital itinerary card"  SMS, webpage, WeChat applet, Alipay applet, APP and other query channels will go offline

The Digital itinerary card was originally launched Feb 29, 2020, to track individuals’ travel histories over the preceding 14 days. If you had been to a medium-risk or high-risk area this would show on the card.

Last week, train stations and airports would no longer require a 48-hour negative Covid test or scanning in with your health code to enter.  the Digital itinerary card is being discontinued it signals that cross-provincial travel should in theory be returning back to normal. These changes will certainly make traveling within China  easier.

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