Best-Known Websites For College Academic Research

The final examination season is coming. You may be worried about how to write a paper quickly. Here we have compiled some academic paper websites. Most of the information is free. You can refer to.




Microsoft Academic

ScienceOpen is one of the most trusted websites for research papers in all areas of study. It is considered one of the most popular websites for publishing papers for free, and also has a feature that includes the capability of a user to monitor his published articles and a compatible validation mechanism.


Doaj is an online directory that provides access to high-quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals, and papers that are all freely available. It helps the users to search within multiple areas of scientific topics in its database.


ELSEVIER is one of the best online research journals, with its competitive features like an effective full-text search option and database.  It is quite interesting because of its thorough peer reviews and multiple topics.


ERIC is an online digital library of education research and information that is free for public use, and it provides access to millions of records that make it a leader in the academic and research community.

Microsoft Academic

Microsoft Academic  is a very powerful tool for searching and researching topics. It consists of some interesting features like information reading and it uses new technologies like machine learning and knowledge discovery for the searching capability that redefines the way you have been doing an academic search.


ScienceOpen is freely accessible for publishers, institutes, and researchers. It offers hosting and promotional services within the platform and provides full end-to-end open access publishing solutions. You can easily publish, and share write-ups and information along with reviewing papers.

source:  Shenyang Aerospace University

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