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5 Top Reasons to Study in Shenyang University of Technology

1. Superior geographical location

Shenyang University of Technology (SUT) is situated in Shenyang, a central city of modernization in Northeast China and also the central of economical, cultural, communication, trade and commercial hub. With four distinct seasons, beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage, Shenyang is the most important heavy industry base in China, also an ideal place to study Chinese, for it’s located in mandarin language area.

2. Convenient transportation

There are many convenient bus stops around the campus, as well as subway stations. And there are all kinds of basic shopping centers around the campus, which are integrated with the surrounding residential areas to form a relatively prosperous commercial belt in the surrounding area.

3. High teaching quality

Shenyang University of Technology (SUT) is an engineering-centered, application-oriented and multidisciplinary university, originally founded in 1949.

SUT has began to enroll and cultivated more than 4,000 foreign students from 20 countries such as Korea, Japan, America, Russia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Turkey, the Philippines, Uganda since 1995. The teacher has rich teaching experience.

4. A campus with strong community feel and excellent facilities

The university has more than 30,000 undergraduates and graduate students, more than 1,300

teachers. The university has a strong faculty and a great number of famous teachers. SUT has got great achievements and established national engineering research centers, ministry of education engineering and technology center, Provincial Ministry of Education Key Laboratory and Province University Humanities Social Sciences Key Research Base.

5. Abundant internship opportunities and high employment rate

You'll leave here not just with a degree but with the skills and connections to make your career dream a reality. Shenyang University of Technology works closely with organizations ranging from government bodies to global businesses. These connections inform our degree's courses and provide plenty of internship opportunities to put you on track to enter your chosen field. Through these internship opportunities, you’ll quickly develop skills and gain exposure to experiences that will set you apart in the jobs market.

English Taught Bachelor Programs

Length of schooling: 4 years

Students can get bachelor’s degree and undergraduate diploma after finishing all credit under undergraduate training plan, and pass the undergraduate thesis defense.

Time of enrollment: 

Autumn Intake Study Duration: From September, 2024 to July, 2028

Spring Intake Study Duration: From March, 2024 to July,2027

1. International Economics and Trade

Main Courses:

Accounting Principles, Introduction To International Business, Quantitative Methods For Business, International Trade, International E-Commerce, Quotations In International Market, International Trade Practice, Comprehensive Chinese, etc.

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2. Computer Science and Technology


- Obtain provincial-level majors

- Internship opportunities providing during the study period, and the graduation recognition is high

Main Courses:

Principles Of Computer Composition, Data Structure, Computer Network, Database Principles, Operation System, Algorithm Design And   Analysis,   Computer   Interface   Technology, Software Engineering, Java Programming, Computer Security, Comprehensive Chinese, etc.

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3. Electrical engineering and its automation


-Subject Assessment Grade A

-Subject Rank 10  among Chinese Universities Recognized by CDGDC

The students of electrical engineering and its automation mainly studies basis engineering technology and professional knowledge including theory of electrical circuit, electric power & electronic technology, electromagnetic fields, electrical machine, electrical appliances, analysis of power system, theory of automatic control, computer and SCM technology.

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4. Mechanical Engineering


-Subject Assessment Grade B

-Subject Rank 2 and Key major in Shenyang University of Technology

-Bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees are awarded, and postdoctoral research mobile station set up

Key Courses:1. Mechanical Design Manufacture And Automation: Mechanical Design, Mechanical Principle, Geometric Precision Design and Detection, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission, Electro mechanical Transmission and Control Technology, etc.

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Type A :

You will get a 18000RMB (about 3000 USD)deduction of your tuition fees each year from first year. Your academic and overall performance will be assessed annually.

Type A Scholarship
Bachelor' degree1st year2nd year3rd year4th year
Original Tuition fee18000RMB(3000USD)18000RMB18000RMB18000RMB
Scholarship amount18000RMB(3000USD)re-evaluationre-evaluationre-evaluation
Tuition After Scholarship00/9000RMB/12000 RMB0/9000RMB/12000 RMB0/9000RMB/12000 RMB

Type B :

You will get a 6000RMB (about 1000 USD) deduction of your tuition fees each year from first to fourth year. Thus, you only have to pay 12000 RMB (about 2000USD) /Year of Tuition Fee start from your 1st Year.

Type B Scholarship
Bachelor' degree1st year2nd year3rd year4th year
Original Tuition fee18000RMB(3000USD)18000RMB18000RMB18000RMB
Scholarship amount6000RMB(3000USD)re-evaluationre-evaluationre-evaluation
Tuition After Scholarship12000RMB12000 RMB12000 RMB12000 RMB

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