Taizhou University
Taizhou College is a comprehensive ordinary university approved by the Ministry of Education, the implementation of provincial and municipal co-management, the city as the main school system, the source of the school traced back to the establishment of 1907 in the three Taiwan middle school simple teacher training department, in 1958 to open higher education, in 1978 the State Council approved the establishment of Taizhou Normal College, in 2002 upgraded to undergraduate, in 2008 with 17A2B results through the Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching work level assessment, in 2018 successfully passed the Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching work audit and evaluation, In 2019, it was selected as a pilot demonstration school for applied construction in Zhejiang Province, in 2020 it entered the top ten of the China Applied University Rankings, in 2021 it was approved as a master's degree awarding unit, and Professor Chen Shiyi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was appointed as an honorary president.