2022 WUT 19th Sports Meeting Opening Ceremony


           On Friday, November 11th, 2022, the auspicious opening ceremony of the 19th WUT Sports Meeting  was held in the Nanhu Stadium of the Nanhu campus of Wuhan University of Technology.

          Early in the morning around 7:30 A.M, the International students, country representatives and ICEA members assembled on the first floor of the Nanhu International Students dormitory. Many international students wore beautiful national costumes to represent their countries. Representatives from countries such as Cambodia, Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, Laos, Niger, Papua New Guinea, Tunisia, Myanmar and Mexico were a few from many who showed of their National attire with Pride.

  Country representatives were called on to march with their national flags along with all of their country mates. The students marched on the street of Nanhu Campus, holding their National Flags in their hands and Pride for their country in their hearts. The eye-catching national costumes and colorful flags mesmerized people passing by. They stopped to take pictures of and with them making them the talk of the town.

  The students arrived at the Nanhu stadium and were happy to see many fellow Chinese students in their respective departments wearing red, green, yellow, blue and white clothes just as how they were wearing the national uniforms.  

Around 8 A.M. international students and teachers entered the stadium full of energy, The Participants marched around the stadium along with the staff and students of the School of International Education. Although the weather was not on our side, it did not affect the spirit and vigor of the students. They didn’t let a small obstacle defeat their greater purpose.

The opening ceremony was attended by senior leaders of WUT, and special guests who had given speeches during the ceremony. The event was a grand success and it came to an end at 10 A.M, which marked the beginning of Sports Events for the Day.