Prof. Robert A. Mundell, Nobel Economics Prize winner and "Father of the Euro", gave a lecture and was appointed as Honorary Professor at Zhengzhou University


On the afternoon of April 26, 2007, Mr. Robert A. Mundell, Nobel Economics Prize winner, "Father of the Euro", and professor of Economics school of Columbia University, USA, visited Zhengzhou University, accompanied by Ms. An Ping, deputy head of the Organization Department of Henan Provincial Party Committee and Prof. Sun xin-lei, secretary of the Party Group of Henan Provincial Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. Prof. Mundell gave a lecture to the teachers and students of ZZU. The lecture was chaired by Prof. Zheng Yu-ling, vice president of ZZU. Prof. Shen Chang-yu, president of ZZU, made the welcome speech. Present were Chen Yi-feng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of ZZU, Chang Jun-biao, vice president of ZZU, Wu Hong-liang, head of the Organization Department of the Party Committee of ZZU, and directors of other departments and International Exchange and Cooperation Office, as well as nearly 1000 teachers and students from Business School and Foreign Languages School.

At first, Prof. Shen Chang-yu, on behalf of the staff and students of ZZU, gave the visitors a warm welcome and sincere thanks. He said that Prof. Mundell’s lecture on globalization and world economy reform would expose the students to the forefront of the world academic development, thus widening their horizon and making them well-informed. He hoped that Prof. Mundell would often come to Zhengzhou University to give guidance and advice. After that, President Shen Chang-yu appointed Prof. Mundell as the Honorary Professor of ZZU, and Vice President Zheng Yu-ling presented Professor Mundell a badge of Zhengzhou University.

Then, Prof. Mundell gave a lecture entitled "Reforming the World Economy in the Age of Globalization". In his lecture, Prof. Mundell, by means of full and accurate materials as well as his scientific research and his own understanding, gave a systematical analysis to the current conditions and developing tendency of the world economic reform in the age of globalization. With pointed demonstration and original opinions, the lecture is fairly enlightening.

After the lecture, Prof. Mundell and President Shen chang-yu accepted an interview from the media. In response to a reporter's question, Prof. Mundell gave Zhengzhou University and its students a full recognition. In the end, he happily accepted the invitation to leave his inscriptions as a token of good wishes.