Prof. Francois Mathey coming back to work in Zhengzhou University


On March 18, 2007, Mr. Francois Mathey, academician of French Academy of science and professor of University of California, came back to Zhengzhou University to restart his teaching. At Zhengzhou airport he was met by Vice-President of ZZU Mr. Xu Zhenlu, the university’s academician Prof. Wu Yangjie, and leaders of personnel office, scientific research office, chemistry department and office of international exchange and cooperation.

On March 19, President of ZZU Prof. Shen Changyu and Vice-President of ZZU Mr. Xu Zhenlu visited Prof. Francois Mathey on the south campus of Zhengzhou University. They exchanged opinions with Prof. Francois Mathey about laboratory construction, cooperation with academic institutions and the visit of French delegation of scientists to Zhengzhou University. In September 2005, the “Memorandum of Cooperation Between Zhengzhou University and Prof. Francois Mathey” was signed. According to this Memorandum, Prof. Francois Mathey, after one month’s work in Zhengzhou University in September 2006, will continue to teach graduate students, to participate in academic exchanges and laboratory research work and so on.

Prof. Francois Mathey once held the post of President of French Chemical Society, and at present he is a member of Britain Royal Society of Chemistry and American Chemical Society, distinguished researcher of French Center of Scientific Research. Prof Francois Mathey is a world renowned chemist with high level of scientific proficiency in organic phosphorus chemistry and chemistry of conductive metals.