Regulations for Foreign Student' s Dormitory


Regulations for Foreign Student' s Dormitory

1. Please do check-in according to the allotted room. No room exchange is allowed yourself. Any requests, contact the warden.

2. No shouting in the dormitory. The sound of TV and Hi-Fi must be appropriate so others can have their privacy.

3. Do Not use electrical applicances with heavy voltage in the room for it will overload the circuit. No cooking and using heater in the room.

4. Keep personal property appropriately and safety in the Dormitory.

Do not leave great amount of cash in the room. Do Not lend the key to anybody.

5. No smoking, No buring, No dringking, No fighting in the room or in the dormitory.

6. Collect garbage in time, and put it into the bin outside of the dormitory. No littering. No throwing out of the window.

7. Do not remove or damage any public facility in Dormitory. Ig something is damaged, destroyed or smoked, an appropriate fine would be assessed. The warden has the right to check the rooms.

8. No animal feeding in the Dormitory.

9. Chinese students and visitors are Not allowed o enter into the dormitory.

10. No water and electricity should ba wasted. Switch off the tap and electricity if not in use, shut the windows and lock the door when you leave.

11. Students have to come back to Dormitory before 11:00 at night. If you have some special event, report to your teacher in-charge in advance, and register at warden' s office.

12. Register the passport or student ID card at warder's room when visiting other dormitory.

Foreign student' s dormitory of International Education College

Dalian Medical University