Qingdao Technological University is a comprehensive university with harmonious development in the subjects of science, engineering, economics, management, art and law, and majoring in engineering, characterized by mechanical, civil and environmental engineering. The University has cultivated over 40,000 graduates spreading all over the world, most of whom are undertaking employment in higher education, scientific research and advanced administration in China, several European and Asian countries, the USA, Australia and other locations.
Qingdao Technological University was founded in 1953 and is located in Qingdao, which is famous for its beautiful environment and pleasant climate. The University grounds cover more than 1,133,900 square meters, among which the school buildings encompass up to 460,000 square meters. The University consists of 16 schools (or departments), 21 research institutes, 14 provincial priority disciplines, laboratories and engineering technology research centers. The library has a collection of 1,110,000 books. Qingdao Technological University has 963 faculty members, including 150 professors, 330 associate professors and over 140 teachers with doctorate degrees. Curricula are offered for students majoring in doctor, master and bachelor degrees with total student numbers of over 20,000.

Compulsory courses for Chinese language students and the undergraduate majoring in Chinese are usually conducted from 8:00 to 12:00 am every Monday through Friday, with elective courses held in the afternoon. These elective courses include Chinese Culture, Chinese history, Business Chinese, English etc. International students enjoy national festivals and holidays of China and the summer and winter vacations of the university.

The university provides a tutorial course for the HSK exam taught by highly qualified teachers. These classes required an additional fee.

Study tours

In the Spring and Autumn, International Office regularly organizes study tours to historical and scenic places for international students. The university covers part of the costs.


In order to encourage international students, the university has established a scholarship fund. Those who attend classes regularly and perform excellently in their studies have an opportunity to be awarded a scholarship.