Why Study in University of Jinan


100% Guaranteed Admission, 5 Working Days you'll get it!

Based on the years of strategy cooperation between UJN and SICAS, admission letter is 100% Guaranteed ,you'll get it in 5 working days!

University of Jinan Partial Scholarship 100% Guaranteed
University of Jinan GUARANTEE partial scholarship. RMB 24,000 (around 4,000USD)in total for Bachelor`s Degree and PHD. RMB 20,000 (around 3,500USD)in total for Master`s Degree.The scholarship will be used to deduct your each year's tuition fee start from your 2nd Year. There are only a few universities offer scholarship for English medium program,if you want to study with a scholarship, University of Jinan will be your best choice.What’s more,study with scholarship will be an advantage for your job interview. 

One-go Guaranteed Scholarship Policy for two degrees applicants
If you decide to study for your Bachelor degree and Master degree both in UJN, or Master and PHD both in Jinan, then no matter how the policy change in the future, you`ll be guaranteed for partial Scholarship for both period now .

One-go Payment for your degree, 500USD as discount will be deduced from your total amount to you by SICAS 
If you pay your four years tuition,accommodation and other fees at one time, then another 500USD as discount will be deducted from your total payment.

One hour Beijing, One hour to Shanghai
It is near to Beijing and Shanghai, just one hour by air to Beijing,and also only takes one hour by air to shanghai, and 4 hours by train.

UJN owns One of the largest campus in China
University of Jinan has two campuses, occupying an area of around 2500 mu(170 ha.), with constructions occupying an area of over 880,000 square meters.