Distinctive Speciality of University of Jinan


Culinary Arts and Nutriology (Bachelor’s degree, 4 years) 


The speciality of culinary Arts and Nutriology is provided by School of Hotel Management, which is one of the bases to train food and drink management personnel in Shandong Province. Students who successfully complete the courses will be conferred bachelor’s degree, the highest level certificate that could be issued by a university in Shandong. 

The speciality has 14 teachers, 3 of them being state-level food appraisers, and 5 provincial-level food appraisers. Awards won by professional teachers include Gold Cook in 2000 Chinese Cookery Contest, Silver medal in 2003 Cookery Contest, and the first place in Wheaten Food Cookery Contest. 

The School of Hotel Management has won the Shandong Provincial Award for Contributor of Talent Training in Cuisine and Catering Industry in 2008, and was named National Excellency Training Center in Tourism and Hotel Industry in 2010.The school has cooperative relationship with some restaurants and hotels both in China and abroad which can provide enough practice bases for the students. 

Main Courses 

Cooking Materials, Cuisine Science, Nutriology, Food Chemistry, Food Nutrition Analysis, Survey of Chinese Medicine Theory, Nutritional Therapy, Survey of Cookery, Chinese and Western Cooking Arts, Comparison between Chinese and Western Food Culture, Food Safety and Inspection and Cuisine English.

Chinese Language Program


The program includes the Chinese classes of Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Chinese language courses include grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing. These courses are compulsive, and for each level is 20 hours per week. Besides, the Chinese traditional culture courses are elective which includes Chinese folk dance, songs, instruments; Chinese Taichi, calligraphy, painting, tea culture, social etiquette etc. 

The Spring semester of the program is from March to July; Autumn semester is from September to January.


The program will provide you with educational opportunities to:
--- Improve your Chinese language proficiency;
--- Learn Chinese traditional culture;
--- Get a better understanding of modern China;

--- Enrich your life experience.