why study in Dalian Maritime University


DMU has a 99-year tradition of excellence in teaching, learning, and research. After a century of industrious growth and development, today DMU is one of the largest and best maritime universities in the country and the world.

Our university is dedicated to building a reputation as a provider of quality education, teaching excellence, and advanced research. In accordance with this philosophy, the university has over the years nurtured numerous successful graduates, many of whom are now playing essential roles in maritime-related industries in China and abroad.

DMU has been trying to explore new ways in which a research-oriented university can better foster its students. Over the past decades,researchers at DMU have made significant progress in a wide range of disciplines. In turn, University researchers have made important award-winning discoveries and innovations in the fields of marine science and marine engineering.

I cordially invite you to our university where you will find not only academic excellence, but also a safe and friendly environment for studying and teaching