Why Study in HUBU


1、Geographic Advantages

Located at the heart of Wuhan, Hubei University enjoys great conveniences in daily life, such as transportation, shopping and entertainment.

2、Scholarships and Subsidies

The provincial government scholarships, university scholarships and international student subsidies can be applied for and annually offered if the international students have registered for at least one-year language program and/or the academic degree programs on the campus. During their stay, the students can be provided with some part-time teaching jobs for subsidies.

3、Easy Access to Programs

 Degree programs

1) The Chinese Language Undergraduate Program is available at all levels and those who have passed HSK Examination Band 6, can be directly accepted onto the second-year or third-year program.

2) Degree program applicants who have passed HSK Examination Band 3 can be immediately accepted into the first-year undergraduate program in the relevant faculties or departments.

3) Degree program applicants who failed to pass HSK Examination Band 3 can enjoy a 18-week Chinese language course for free after their registration.

  Chinese Language Training Program and Chinese Culture Program

1) Classroom teaching: Students are entitled to choose to join in a mass class or a one-to-one class on the basis of their Chinese levels and their own wishes.

2) After-class assistance with Chinese learning:A Chinese tutor will be appointed on any international student’s request.

3) Flexible entry time:twice of entry and registration in February and September respectively, or prompt entry upon the arrival of the international students at any time of the year.

4、Local Services

1)        Picking up the new international students upon their arrival at Wuhan Airport / railway station with no charge at the first time

2)        Assisting the international students in registration, health-check, application for residence permit and accommodation

3)        Arranging a variety of extracurricular activities

4)        Organizing investigations into the Chinese society

5)        Organizing cultural tours to the scenic and historic sites (the Yellow Crane Tower – the top one of the four famous towers in China, the East Lake – the biggest inner-city lake in China, the Three Gorges, Wudang Mountains – the cradle of Taoism and Wudang Kungfu)