For Self-financed International Students Studying at CSU

Application: 85 USD

Teaching materials: 400—800Yuan/ year,  Insurance fee: 600 Yuan/ year

Accommodation: 15~40Yuan/day (twin room; single room, suite with TVs, telephones, air conditions, toilets)

Food: 500~800Yuan/month (There are public kitchens in the dorm with cooking utensils.)

Tuition for programs in Chinese media

Medicine(in Chinese Media)               Other Majors(in Chinese Media)                 Chinese Language

22,000Yuan / Undergraduate/Year     16,000Yuan /Undergraduate/Year               14,000Yuan/Year

26,000Yuan/ Master/Year                     20,000Yuan/ Master/Year                                7,500Yuan/Half a year

30,000Yuan/ Doctor/Year                      25,000Yuan/ Doctor/Year                                 4,500Yuan/3 months

24,000Yuan/General Scholar/Year     18,000Yuan/ General Scholar/Year               3,000Yuan/2 months

28,000Yuan/SeniorScholar /Year        24,000Yuan/ Senior Scholar/Year                  1,600Yuan/1month

Tuition for programs in English media

Software Engineering:   25,000Yuan / Undergraduate/Year,  25,000Yuan/ Master/Year,  30,000Yuan/ Doctor/Year

Clinical medicine:  35,000 Yuan/ Master/Year,  40,000 Yuan/ Doctor/Year

Nursing:  26,000Yuan / Undergraduate/Year,  30,000Yuan/ Master/Year

Mining Engineering: 22,000Yuan / Undergraduate/Year,  25,000Yuan/ Master/Year,  30,000Yuan/ Doctor/Year

Computer: 25,000Yuan/ Master/Year,  30,000Yuan/ Doctor/Year

Mathematics: 25,000Yuan/ Master/Year, 30,000Yuan/ Doctor/Year

Material Science:  25,000Yuan/ Master/Year,  30,000Yuan/ Doctor/Year