Visa and Residence Permit


Visa and Residence Permit
Visa Types:
1)X visa. Students with an X visa must apply for their residence permit within 30 days of entry in China. Those who exceed this time limit are considered illegal residents. A physical examination is required when applying for the Residence Permit.

2)F visa. Students with an F visa are not required to hold a residence permit. “Intended days of stay” in the visa decides their days of stay in China. To prolong one’s stay, students must come to our office to apply for an extension 10 days before the expiration of their visa.

3)L visa. Students who come to China with an L visa must obtain an X student visa before applying for their residence permit, or else they can only stay in China only within the valid period defined in their L visa.

4)Students who return home for contingencies must come to our office 10 days in advance to obtain a letter of verification for re-entry visa which is to be applied for at the Nanjing Public Security Bureau or public security departments in other cities. Otherwise re-entry to China will be denied.

5)According to China’s laws, international students, when going out, must carry with them their passports and other credentials to prove their legal status in China, in case public security departments check and ask for identification.

6)Students who transfer to SEU from other universities in China, if they have had their residence permits issued by China’s public security departments, must first go to the entry-exit section of the previous public security department to obtain their emigration permits. Within 10 days of arrival at SEU they must go with our international stuents office’s letter of verification, to the entry-exit section of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau to apply for their immigration permits.

Residence Permit:

Students with an X Visa who plan to stay in China for more than half a year must obtain the Residence Permit. The following materials are required:
(1) Passport;
(2) Copy of your Visa ,including the stamp of admission at the frontier;
(3) One ID photo, with white background;
(4) The report of Jiangsu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau;
(5) Resident permit application paper;
(6) JW201/202 ;
(7) Registration form of accommodation;
(8) Fee:1 or 2 yeas: ¥400/y , 3 to 5 yeas: ¥1000.

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