There are four campuses of Southeast University and all are in Nanjing. They are Sipailou Campuse, Dingjiaqiao Campus, Jiulonghu Campus and Pukou Campus.

International Students are living in the first three campuses, among which Dingjiaqiao Campus is prepared for most of the international medical students and most of the international freshmen.

The room facilities in the 3 international students' dorms are similar including air conditioning, water heater for shower, 2 beds/desks/chairs/cupboards, telephone, Internet access and bathroom. And self-supplied mini kitchens are available at the dorms at Sipailou and Dingjiaqiao campuses. 

Room Price

The price is approximately 16-61RMB/Day, mostly 30 RMB/Day.

Double Room of  Dingjiaqiao Campus