The international student halls are open to all international students who have registered and paid the tuition & fees at CPU.
The university provides one room for each student. Married couple/family housing is not otherwise provided.
All students shall live on-campus (Jiangning International Students’ Hall) for the first year.SICAS will help those who need to rent off-campus housing.( CSC students shall not live off-campus).

As the housing in Xuanwumen Campus is limited, all student without disabilities or specific difficulties will be assigned to live at Jiangning Campus. For very specific reasons, student may live at Xuanwumen Campus, after submitting the Application Form and getting a permission from the International Office.

Student shall receive a bedding set, a room key, a kitchen card, etc., from the Property Management Office. The key and kitchen card shall be returned to the Property Management Office before moving out. Students are responsible for the loss of the key and kitchen card and must pay to the Property Management Office for a duplicate.

The International Students’ Halls at both campuses are open til 0:00 in summer and 23:00 in winter. All visitors and non-residents must show valid IDs (Chinese ID, passport and student ID are the only valid IDs) and register with the Property Management Office before entering. Those who do not show ID shall not enter. Visitors shall not stay overnight.
The gyms at the International Students’ Halls are for residents only.
Rooms shall not be rent, changed or given possession to other people. Students shall vacate their rooms before leaving or moving out.

The university provides necessary utilities for each room. On each floor there is a kitchen and a laundry for public use. Students shall check the utilities’ status upon arrival, and report any structural defects, lack of hot or cold running water, leaking, plumbing, or electrical problems, and other hazards to the Property Management Office. Hereafter, students shall pay for any damages by themselves.
Only use kitchens for cooking. All forms of fire (smoking, burning incense), or dangerous utilities (such as heaters) are not allowed in students’ hall. Student shall turn off the electric wares before long-time leaving. Fire damages and lawsuits caused by student’s misuse or carelessness, other than the utilities’ defects, shall be shouldered by the student who caused the fire.
The housing fee covers 2850 units/year of room electricity free of charge, transferred to each room in the beginning of semester (500 units/month for December, January and February, 150 units/month for the rest). When the free electricity is used up, students shall pay for extra fees themselves (at Supply Room near Cafeteria #2). Students shall see to their own electricity consumption (the digital meters on each floor), and observe the Supply Room’s office time.
The default telephone and internet service provided by the university is China Telecom’s Limited Student Plan (require prepaid cards, closes at 11PM). The prepaid  cards can be purchased at the China Telecom store near Cafeteria #2.   
CNC Unicom and China Mobile Wireless  are provided on the Xuanwumen Campus. Please consult the nearest offices for their service terms and conditions.
Students may apply for unlimited internet service at Jiangning Telecom (tel: 10000) and pay for themselves.  If the telephone/internet setting of the room has been changed, student must restore to default before moving out, in order to make convenience for incoming students.
International Office does not provide recommendation or intervene with the telephone/Internet services bought by students themselves, which are commercial. However, we suggest that students keep all the receipts of payment in order to keep their own rights.
Campus Net: Currently only available at laboratories for postgraduate students. Please apply to your supervisor or the International Office to receive the User ID and Password. The account will be cancelled upon the student’s graduation.
Student shall keep own rooms and public areas clean and tidy. Making noises, dumping trash outside the trashcan, plumbing the water pipe, etc. and other nuisance behaviors are not allowed in students’ hall. Religious gatherings, alcohol abuse and gambling are strictly forbidden in students’ hall. Parties shall be organized with the International Office’s consent, and finish before 11PM. The organizer shall be responsible for any damage caused.
Student shall use the students’ hall bulletin board for posts (for sharing life and study information). All forms of political, religious and commercial activities are not allowed in public areas.