why CPU

1. The largest pharmaceutical univerdity in the world in terms of  student number and one of the ”211 project“ key universities affiliated to the Ministry of Education of China.

2. Pharmacy program ranks No.1 and traditional Chinese pharmacy program No.3 in China according to the latest official evaluation from the Ministry of Education China and one of the top 200 universities in Asia according to Quacquarelli Symonds (one out of 47 in China) .

3. The earliest university to admit full-time pharmacy students from overseas and the host institution of Chinese Government Scholarship students.

4. Chairing institution of the National Commission for Higher Pharmaceutical Education under the Ministry of Education in China.
5.Boasts many of its excellent professors who are the Chief Compilers of most of the stae-level pharmacy-related textbooks used in China.

6. Strong and complete academic programs: 22 bachelor's degree programs, 29 master's degree programs, 23 postdoctoral programs.

7.Excellent professors and experts and advanced teaching and research facilities.

8.High empolyment rate and outstanding reputations as an excellent pharmaceutical education provider.

9.Located in beautiful city of Nanjing, winner of UN Habitat Award and perfect environment for healthy liiving and learning with abundant opportunitiea for hands-on learning experience.

Living in Nanjing

Nanjing, the capital of six ancient dynasties in Chinese history, is the capital city of Jiangsu Province famed for its developed economy, rich culture, long history and beautiful landscape.

Nanjing, with a favorable geographical location and picturesque landscape, is also a famous tourist city in China and its magnificent scenery  extends across the seasons and across the city's reach.

As a modern city with diversity, dynamism and progress, Nanjing is an important transportation and  communication hub in East China and the most important commercial city in the Yangtze River delta region after Shanghai. It has emerged as one of China's most attractive destinations for living and study.

Climate and environment

Nanjing has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons including comfortable springs and autumns, hot and muggy summers, and refreshingly mild winters. Nanjing's weather makes it a great place to live in.

Surrounded by the Yangtze River and mountains, Nanjing enjoys beautiful natural scenery. Natural lakes such as Xuanwu Lake and Mochou Lake are located in the centre of the city and are easily accessible to the public, while hills like Pueple Mountain are  covered with evergreens and oaks with various historical and cultural sites.

Cost of Living

The living cost in Nanjing is much cheaper than that in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou and you can do more with less. Its affordability means you have more to spend on food, accommodation, supplies, travel and entertainment. Living costs can be affected by your style of life.