1. Please provide the following materials when first handle the Residence Permission

 1. PRC organization code certificate;
 2. Letter of verification issued by the school;
 3. Prove of accommodation;
(1) Provided by School of International Education if you live in the Internatioanl Students' building.
(2) Provided by the relevant Public Security Bureau if you live off campus.
4. The application of students themselves;
5. A copy of Admission Notice (the signature of students is required);
6. Table of JW 202 or JW 201;
7. Form of the Public Security Bureau, “Application form of foreigners' visa and Residence Permission”;
8.  “Health Certificate for International Traveller” or “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner (Certificate of verification)”, provided by Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Wuxi city;
9. 2 - 4 two-inch photos;
10. A copy of passport and visa (page of entry time included).

2.  If applying for extending the residence permission, you should provide all the materials above except No. 5, 6 and 8 items.

3.The charge standard for residence permission shown by the entry-exit management office of Public Security Bureau ( subject to the variation ):

1.That validity of residence permission , less than one year, will be charged 400 RMB each;
2.hat validity of residence permission, less than 3 years and more than 1 year, will be charged 800 RMB each;
3.That validity of residence permission, less than 5 years and more than 3 years, will be charged 1,000 RMB each;
4.Every change of residence permission will be charged 200 RMB.