Why Study in Jiangnan University


The faculty team consists of 1,582 members including 1 academician of the China Academy of Engineering, 6 Cheung Kong Scholars, 1 National Outstanding Youth Foundation Winner, 3 state-level candidates for the One Hundred plus One Thousand plus Ten Thousand Talents Project of the New Century, 3 National Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions, 23 candidates for the New Century Excellent Researcher Award Program from the Ministry of Education of China and over 850 professors and associate professors. There are also two National Innovation Teams, and Four Jiangsu Provincial Innovation Teams. The academic research group, represented by over 550 Master and PhD supervisors, has laid a solid foundation for scientific innovation and the training of high-level personnel.

Jiangnan University is the cradle, and one of the major supporting institutions, of China's light industry, food science and biotechnology. The National Key Lab of Food Science and Technology, approved by the Ministry of Science & Technology, is the only one of its kind in China. In addition, it has 6 national, ministerial or provincial engineering research centers, 7 key labs at the ministerial or provincial level, the Food Safety Research Base of Jiangsu Province, the Scientific and Technological Novelty Search Workstation of Ministry of Education, the Industrial Microbial Resources Database Integration and Information Sharing Platform and 2,186,600 books and 11264GB electronic books. Since the implementation of China‘s 10th Five-Year Plan, Jiangnan University has undertaken over 1000 national, provincial or ministerial projects including 863 Projects, 973 Projects, National Key Special Projects, National Key Scientific and Technological Projects, and the National Natural Science Fund. It has received 200 national, ministerial or provincial awards including 5 National Technology Invention and S & T Progress 2nd Prize Awards. Its faculty members have published over 1000 academic monographs and more than 17,000 high-quality research papers. In 2009, its total research budget reached 222.9 million yuan RMB. Among them 923 were SCI, EI or ISTP indexed. In 2009, research works resulted in 1413 patent applications, including 370 patents for inventions. More than 365 patents were granted, including 114 patents for inventions. The number of patent applications and granted patents is the highest among Chinese institutions of higher learning.

Jiangnan University takes an active part in the construction of national and regional scientific and technological innovation and service systems and promotes the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. It actively participates in China’s large-scale development of the western region and Jiangsu Provinces economic construction along the Yangtze River. This gives full play to its scientific and technological strength in light industry, food science, textiles, environment, chemical industry and biopharmaceuticals. By closely integrating social demands, Jiangnan University carries out overall cooperation with enterprises in research and development, technical services and personnel training and helps the enterprises to improve technology and upgrade products. It has carried out all-round cooperation with over 20 cities in provinces like Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hubei, Guizhou, Gansu, Henan, making positive contributions to the national economic and social development. The National University Science Park, jointly-funded by Jiangnan University and Wuxi Municipal Government, is an important incubation base for high-tech research programs. Through resource integration and cross-disciplinary research, Jiangnan University has established the first Research Institute for Agriculture Products Processing in a Chinese university.