About NXMU


Located in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Ningxia Medical University is located in Yinchuan, the capital city referred to as “A pearl in north of the Great Wall” in the Northwest. In its over 50 years development, the university has seen its tremendous progress and enforcement in specialty development, infrastructure, teaching staff, teaching and research level etc. Nowadays it has become a higher learning medical institution with coordinated development in its scale, construction, quality and efficiency, and is quite influential and popular among the same-leveled higher learning medical schools.

Ningxia Medical University offers 6 levels of teaching programs for the postgraduates, undergraduates, three-year training students, adult education students, higher vocational technological education students and secondary specialized students.

The Affiliated Hospital of Ningxia Medical University covers an area of 110 000 square meters Today the hospital has 1244 ward s and a staff of over 2000. Among them 1389 are technical personnel, including 274 high-leveled professionals 454 mid - level professionals. The Dept of cardiovascular medicine & surgery neurological medicine & surgery tumor medicine & surgery burns healing, X - ray radiotherapy etc. have the best technical forces in the Region. The hospital can perform some very complicated operations, such as open 1~art surgery, cardiac valve replacement and transplantation, excision of cerebral, kidney transplants replantation of severed limbs fingers and toes removal of vertebral discs,. with discscope etc Some of the operations are new initiatives in the Region some of thesn~ming up to the national standards. In 1996 the hospital evaluated as the first one to reach the highest level among the third - grade hospitals.

The College has 3 teaching hospitals as well as over 20 preventative medicine stations and hospitals in towns and other cities that provide the basis for the intern practice of students