Fees Structure


Tuition Fee

RMB 22000/Year

Registration Fee

RMB 400 / Person / Year( first year)

RMB 100 / Person / Year (from second year)

Insurance Fee(cash)

RMB600/Person/12 Months

RMB300/person/6 Months

Physical Examine(cash)

RMB 60-300/Person

Application for Residence Permission (cash)

RMB 400/Person/365 Days

Accommodation Fee(cash)

Deposit: RMB 300

Dormitory Fee (paying at least for 150 days in advance)

(Room rate during vacation: 5% of total will be charged extra as vacation service fee in addition to regular room rate.)

Textbooks Fee (prepayment)

RMB 200

Bedding (optional, cash)

Bedding is exclude from room service but available by paying at the front desk, which includes 2 quilts, 2 quilt covers, 1 sheet, 1 mattress, 1 pillow and 1 pillowcase. The cost is RMB345.