The apartment building for international students is located in Wen-Hui Road Campus of Yangzhou University, the largest and the most colorful of the 8 campuses of YZU. This campus is also the most valuable campus of YZU because of the national and provincial key laboratories in it. The beauty of this campus starts with two lines of well-pollard and preserved phoenix trees at the entrance path. And you can find almost 80% of Chinese plant and grass species on this campus.

Room Rate
The rooms are hotel-like with shower, cable TV and Internet access. You can apply for single room or double room or triple room on either south or north.
1. Deposit: 300Yuan
2. Regular charge




Single Room

60 Yuan/ Person/ Day

 Double Room

27.5 Yuan/ Person/ Day

Triple Room

17.5 Yuan/ Person/ Day




Single Room

55 Yuan/ Person/ Day

 Double Room

25 Yuan/ Person/ Day

Triple Room

15 Yuan/ Person/ Day

3. Bedding (Optional):
    Bedding is excluded from room service but available by paying at the front desk, which includes 2 quilts, 2 quilt covers, 1 sheet, 1 mattress, 1 pillow and 1 pillowcase. The cost is 345 Yuan.
4. Room rate during vacation
5% of total will be charged extra as vacation service fee in addition to regular room rate.
Note: All the above charges and fees are subject to change.
Laundry: Self-helping laundry is available on each floor.
Public Kitchen: Public kitchen is available on each floor at certain open hours and there are two refrigerators on each floor for temporary storage.
Kitchen on the 4th floor is for Muslim Only.