Why Study in Xuzhou Medical University


Established in 1958 as the Jiangsu Provincial Medical School, Xuzhou Medical University was the Xuzhou branch of the Nanjing Medical College. In 1959, Xinhailian Academy was merged into the university. In 1960 the school was official changed to the Xuzhou Medical University. In 2000, Xuzhou Health School was merged into the college effectively becoming a comprehensive medical university. Xuzhou is situated in the Northern China Plain, almost in the middle between Beijing and Shanghai, about 600 km to each of the two metropolises, and about 300 km to the provincial capital, Nanjing.

About 10% of its land is hilly area occupying the middle and eastern portions of the city, with the highest point 361 m, the summit of Dadong Hill. Thevcity's elevation is gradually reduced from its middle and east to the west and south, with 30-50 m in average over the sea level.

The city has abundant water resource, with more than 213 rivers flowing within its boundary, including the Grand Canal. In its jurisdiction, there are two major lakes, Lake Luoma and Lake Weishan, plus 91 artificial reservoirs. Another important natural resource is coal, with a production of 2.5 million tones annually.

The  School of Management established in 1984 offering a range of high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Much of the school’s research is carried out with private and public sector organizations at a national and international level, including collaborations with other academic institutions.
The school contains 90 search scientists, lecturing and support staff, including foreign teachers from different countries and regions, and the current intake of students is 2000.

Management science requires a mix of knowledge and skills which are scientific, applied, research focused and systems oriented. The aim of the course is to educate students in the concepts, techniques and knowledge required to analyze complex problems and improve the decision making processes in industry, business and public sector.