Fee Structure of MBBS program


Total fees for 1st Year: 35000 Yuan 

Including: Tuition fee, Hostel fee, Enrollment & Registration fee, Medical checkup fee, Residence permit fee, Health insurance fee ,Management and liaison fee and Chinese language fee.


1. Selective excellent students having good study record in high school results and 1st year results at JJU will be granted provincial and JJU scholarships (scholarship amount will be decided by JJU).

2. Above fees details are for the above mentioned 6 years MBBS program, including 1 year Internship. 

3. Sixth year is internship year, If students will join internship at JJU affiliated Hospitals then students will have to pay regular fees of 6th year, if students will join internship at hospitals anywhere else then no need to pay 6th year tuition fee.

4. Quality of education with foreign teachers faculty for all medical subjects.

5. All 1st year fees should be paid to liaison office upon student’s arrival.

6. If students decide to transfer or withdraw, the paid fees will not be returned or transferred.

7. All the fees above are paid in Chinese Yuan (unless specified otherwise).

8. All students should live in the accommodation provided by the University.

9. From 2nd year and onwards the students will pay the Physical Examination fee, Residence Permit Fee and Health Insurance fee by themselves.

10. University syllabus books or self-reference books, Hostel deposit, food, room electricity, internet and other self expenses are not included in above fees.

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